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Transnational and cross-border dimensions of transport policy

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    On Behalf Of Dominic Stead Sent: Monday, November 13, 2006 10:39 AM To: UTSG@JISCMAIL.AC.UK Subject: [UTSG] Transnational and cross-border dimensions of
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      On Behalf Of Dominic Stead
      Sent: Monday, November 13, 2006 10:39 AM
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      Subject: [UTSG] Transnational and cross-border dimensions of transport

      A special session on the transnational and cross-border dimensions of
      transport policy is being organised at the Ninth Conference of the
      on European Communication and Transportation Activities Research to be
      in the University of Porto on 9-12 May 2007
      Abstracts for this session will be accepted up to *Thursday 30 November
      2006* (whereas the deadline for abstracts for all other sessions is
      Wednesday 15 November 2006).

      Focus of the special session

      European integration and enlargement has had and continues to have
      implications for the mobility of citizens and goods. Great changes in
      transport movements are taking place as a result of new patterns of
      demography, employment, recreation, education, manufacturing,
      and trade. One consequence is that the cross-border (i.e. involving
      with a shared border) and transnational (i.e. involving nations in the
      region) dimensions of transport policy are becoming increasingly
      Illustrative themes of this session include:
      * cross-border and transnational environmental and social impacts of
      transport (e.g. transboundary pollution)
      * regional impacts of cross-border transport infrastructure (e.g. trade,

      economic development)
      * institutional arrangements for building transport infrastructure
      providing cross-border transport services
      * transnational transfer of transport policy and practice (policy
      and transfer)
      * lessons from cross-border and transnational transport initiatives
      INTERREG, TACIS projects)
      * issues of transport interoperability across national borders

      This special session is being organised by Harry Geerlings (Erasmus
      University Rotterdam), Yoram Shiftan (Technion - Israel Institute of
      Technology), Dominic Stead (Delft University of Technology) and Erik
      Verhoef (Free University Amsterdam). Abstracts for this special session
      should be submitted by 30 November 2006 to Dominic Stead, preferably by
      email (to d.stead@...). Guidelines for the format of abstracts
      be found at http://www.nectarporto.com/abstracsub.htm.

      Please feel free to forward this announcement to others who may be
      interested in submitting an abstract.

      Dominic Stead


      Dr Dominic Stead
      Senior Researcher
      OTB Research Institute for Housing, Urban and Mobility Studies
      Delft University of Technology
      PO Box 5030
      2600 GA Delft
      tel: +31 15 2782540
      fax: +31 15 2783450
      email: d.stead@... * * NEW EMAIL ADDRESS * *
      web: www.otb.tudelft.nl
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