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Re: [sustran] Jan Gehl, Greenwheels named as finalists for this year'sWorld Technology Awards for Environment

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  • Sujit Patwardhan
    16 October 2006 Eric, This is great news. I m very happy as I can t think of anyone more deserving than Jan Gehl for this honour. -- Sujit ... -- ... Sujit
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      16 October 2006

      This is great news. I'm very happy as I can't think of anyone more deserving than Jan Gehl for this honour.

      On 10/16/06, Eric Britton <eric.britton@...> wrote:

      Dear Friends,


      This is to share with you the good news that both Jan Gehl and the Greenwheels team have been named as finalists in this year's World Technology Award for Environment, for which the formal award ceremony is to take place in San Francisco on 2-3 Novemenber. You can see all about it at



      Jan Gehl has also been named a Fellow of the World Technology Network, while Greenwheels has been named a WTN Corporate member. This last is I think a tribute that is to be born in mind by those of us who care about the New Mobility Agenda and better and softer (and cheaper) ways of getting around in our daily lives, indicating as it does that Greenwheels and with it the carsharing movement more generally are now seen by many as socially and environmentally useful services which nonetheless need to be organized and run on sound business principles. That is not the only way to make carsharing work as we are seeing at World Carshare, but it is certainly one of the models which are fast reshaping the industry, and with it carsharing contributions to sustainable mobility and sustainable cities and lives.


      And to give you an idea of the company that Jan now enters as a Fellow, here is a selection of the close to one thousand world innovators who have been named to this honor: Manuell Castells, Anil Gupta, Jaime Lerner, Hans Monderman, Tim Berners-Lee, Amory Lovins, Ezio Manzin, Achim Steiner, Martin Wachs, Robert Ayres, Sushmita Ghosh, Michael Walsh, Priyadarshini Karve, Ken Livingstone, Bill Gates, Steven Case, Jerry Yang, Muhammad Yunus, Richard Dawkins. Among others.


      Once again, I am pleased to express my personal thanks to all of you who have got behind our nominations for this year's awards, and I am sure that this recognition will not only be useful for them in their work but also for all of us who are concerned with sustainable mobility, sustainable cities and sustainable lives. What more could we ask for?


      Eric Britton


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