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  • Michael Replogle
    For another recent write up, see http://www.environmentaldefense.org/article.cfm?contentid=2407 See also some of the earlier studies I did on this subject that
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 9, 2006
    • P. Christopher Zegras
      Hi Dave, I d be happy to see a copy of your APT paper. Thanks and regards, Chris Zegras
      Message 2 of 4 , Jul 10, 2006
        Hi Dave,

        I'd be happy to see a copy of your APT paper.

        Thanks and regards,

        Chris Zegras
        Quoting Tramsol@...:

        > My cause celebre - I did a paper for Sustrans - converting their Safe Routes
        > to Stations (which has an immediate bias to rail) to Access to Public
        > Transport. Thie views the whole journey - with more than just the
        > walking & cycling,
        > we also need to put the information in the right places.
        > How many of you lot, reading this in institutions, can hand on heart say the
        > a visitor or staff member can simply look at a screen in reception or their
        > office and decide when they are heading off to the nearest bus stop
        > or station
        > (which will be a known 5 -10 minute trip on a direct route) to catch a bus,
        > tram or train, how many big developments match the lifts in Canary
        > Wharf where
        > you can see what platform and when your next DLR departure is set to leave
        > from. In shopping malls are there displays like that in Bristol
        > (Colston Down)
        > giving bus and rail departures from the stops outside (and places to park a
        > trolley when you've taken your shopping to the bus (plenty in the car park
        > though!)) Alternatively to make a serious reduction in the wandering
        > trolley numbers
        > why don't supermarkets offer pack-flat shopping 'carts' which you can wheel
        > on to the bus, and take back home to keep for the next shopping trip
        > - we used
        > to have these big-time in the past when car ownership was low and people went
        > shopping on foot and public transport, nice wicker baskets on wheels, handy (
        > per Flanders & Swann - Seven Ages of Woman) "for shopping, coal, and washing,
        > it has every kind of use; on its own in perfect silence it will ladder ladies
        > nylonce (sic) when they try to push in front of me in queues"
        > The whole you have to ride a bike movement must not be pressed in isolation -
        > a parallel is when a family is forced to give up their car for a week, and
        > painfully do cold turkey waiting for buses and complaining at the price of
        > single full price fares, as they try and live the same schedules that
        > they would
        > have done by car, like shopping at the same out of town stores, and like the
        > gullibles they were with a car trying to do the distribution for the
        > retailer for
        > free with the items they have just bought. Those who live car free or car
        > light don't do it like this, like all the best people we get everything
        > delivered to us, and our time being so valuable we make sure someone
        > is transporting
        > us....
        > I can attach my APT solutions paper - although it is a bit dated now,
        > off-list
        > Dave Holladay
        > Glasgow
      • Tramsol@aol.com
        Apparently the lease on the station buildings was terminated and the bike hire operation has unfortunately moved to the Canal in Lancaster. The buildings will
        Message 3 of 4 , Jul 13, 2006
          Apparently the lease on the station buildings was terminated and the bike hire operation has unfortunately moved to the Canal in Lancaster.  The buildings will now be quite likely empty, unused and turn the station into a target for vandalism and abuse, as the Property Agents based naturally in London offices remote from the real world, refuse to rent out premises at (theoretically) below market rent whilst costing a deal more in deterioration and lack of public/economic activity - many kiosks which drive other activity on a rail station have shut up for this very reason. 

          So UK folk please try to get an outlet (but not necessarily the full shop) for bike hire back on or near Lancaster Station.

          In Boston MA OTOH the principles promoted by the Project for Public Spaces sees small street trading stalls subsidised as these drag down the speed of passing pedestrian traffic and as a result more people then go into the main stores on those streets, and spend more money.  A working kiosk on a station will actually save money on dull and confrontational security patrols and through the natural surveillance provide a far more effective form of station security - at a lower cost overall. 

          Put George Smiley (MI6-retired) behind the counter and you'll have an interesting take on managing terrorism, after all any security measure which entails flak jackets, and action man gear with weapons on display quite frankly demonstrates that it has failed.  Ask any person involved seriously in providing security for the real sources of power & influence and they will admit that if they have to make any rushed move or even draw a weapon than they have completely failed to manage the situation, the best ones don't even carry firearms.

          Given that security and freedom to travel have demands which are diametrically opposed that could make an intersting debate for WTPP folk.

          Now pass through any UK or US airport and judge how effective the security services are, or look at places like Downing Street and remember that as much as the concrete and steel stop people getting in they also stop people getting out in a hurry

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