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Help wanted - We need to contact cities and public agencies responsible for transport in your country

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  • Eric Britton
    Background: As you all know so well, carsharing is one thing (and that we handle via http://worldcarshare.com ) -- and the broader
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2006



      As you all know so well, carsharing is one thing (and that we handle via http://worldcarshare.com) -- and the broader strategic issues of the New Mobility Agenda quite another.  Or maybe not.


      Carsharing is a funny activity. It (now) works, it is growing fast and there are those famous >600 cities that already are doing it, one way or another.  But here’s the rub.


      Carsharing is terrifically important as an instrument for cultural change – and as we all know here that is in fact the real bottom line of the move to sustainable transportation and sustainable cities.


      The fact is, however, the painful fact, is that there are few cities anywhere in the world, few of those responsible for managing matters of transport and mobility in their cities, who have a well thought-out strategic plan for what should be their city’s relationship with this new and in many ways quite different transportation mode.  In the best cases, they improvise as they go along and, with a bit of luck, when you need some help with parking, they more or less (and later or sooner) maybe do it. Some form of subsidy or support? Ouch. Hmm. And maybe some help in linking to some of the other transporters, maybe some kind of web site support, the odd flyer or two to help you out . . .. but at the end of the day that’s it. Bits and pieces.  In sum: not enough!


      And this is, in fact, what the forthcoming Monaco Cities Carsharing Implementation Workshops are all about.  And here is where we need your help and counsel. 


      The first step is to point you to the web site at http://www.monaco.newmobility.org  (note we see if as a New Mobility Agenda project and not simply carsharing . . . this was a strategic choice which was not lightly made). And here to boot is a copy of last week’s media release and a PDF file of the program.


      And finally on this, I want to stress the point that we have designed this whole thing as what I think of as a “Master Class on Carsharing”.  (As with a musical master class in which an already strong musician has the chance to work closely with a master, etc. etc.)




      Our goal is to bring a max of cities and public agencies to our two day carsharing master class, and give them a chance to hear from the best CSOs in Europe, and from a couple of cities that are trying to get it right from a strategic perspective. And then we want everyone to talk about it and figure out together what is needed and what will be needed in their city.


      That’s it. Where do you come in?


      We would like to ask you for help in contacting the public agencies, cities and programs in your country who can then in turn get out the news to their members. In France, for example, we have a group called GART – which brings together all the city officials responsible for transport matters across the country. Very handy for this. We also have a national mayors association – and we are hitting that too.


      But who should we be approaching in your country.


      I hope very much that this will fall on willing ears.  You know how to get in touch.


      If a city can get carsharing right, they are going to be just that much better placed to get the rest right too.  And that’s what we need.


      Eric Britton

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