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Press release announcing Monaco Carsharing Workshops and Supply Meets Demand Bazaar

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    [I would be grateful is you would kindly share this with your colleagues, networks, and media contacts. Kind thanks. Eric Britton] For release: 14 February
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       [I would be grateful is you would kindly share this with your colleagues, networks, and media contacts. Kind thanks. Eric Britton]



      For release: 14 February 2006, 825 words

      For further information and interviews: see end of text


      Monaco World Carshare Implementation Workshops


      From 31 March to 2 April 2006, the Principality of Monaco will be hosting a series of expert presentations, hands-on workshops and exhibits bringing together virtually every one of Europe’s most successful suppliers of services and support for carsharing operations – together with the representatives of a number of cities and public agencies that are interested to understand better how this new “third wave” of  transportation services can be put to work in their cities.


      What is carsharing?


      The idea of carsharing – basically an arrangement whereby you no longer have to own a car but have one easily available to use when you need it (think no-wait car rental right around the corner with no paperwork or hassle) – has been around for several decades, and Europe early emerged as a world leader in the field. You may not ever have heard of it, but today there are more than six hundred cities in the world in which you can have handy use of a car when you want without owning one. 


      A lot of things have converged to bring carsharing into the mainstream in the last several years. Some have to do with mounting concern for the environment.  But for most of the people who have switched their decision has been driven by the growing cost and inconveniences associated with owning and taking care of your own car, especially in cities.  The World Carshare Consortium, an NGO out of France (http://worldcarshare.com) reports that based on actual experience, if you live in a city, drive less than ten thousand kilometers (600o miles) a year, and don’t use your car every day, you may be a perfect candidate for carsharing.


      Why cities are looking at it?


      While carsharing growth in the past has primarily been driven by individuals making the switch for their own personal reasons of economics and convenience, cities and government agencies concerned with matters like the environment, transportation, energy and the economy are starting to give it more attention for reasons of their own. 


      From the perspective of the city, carsharing offers a number of advantages – not least because a single shared car can save a lot of valuable public space, with estimates ranging anywhere from six to twenty cars depending on the city and the project. So any new policy that can take 10:1 vehicles out of circulation is welcome, for a lot of reasons.


      Parking is another one. Carsharing permits major economies of parking spaces. And since it is not only very costly to build and maintain parking spaces but also because they tie up urban land that can be used for other more pressing things for the community.


      But the collective advantages of carsharing do not stop there.


      Studies in cities around the world in which carshare has become part of their transportation arrangements show that the switch to carsharing also works to improve environmental and air quality significantly, and works to encourage increased use of public transport, as well as more use of bicycles and walking. 


      If you add to that the significant potential for savings of expensive imported petroleum projects, you can see why cities and public agencies are beginning to give carsharing a closer look.


      CarShare supply meets demand in Monaco

      The goal of this pioneering event in the Principality of Monaco is to mark the notable progress that carsharing has made as a practical means of sustainable transportation in Europe and the world in the last few years – and at the same time to make a practical contribution to speed and enhance its development in cities across Europe.


      Monaco Carshare 2006 has as its overarching goal to bring together in a single place for two lively days the top players working with carsharing as a fact, both as suppliers of services and technology and as users (this last mainly being the cities and groups who it is or could be serving). 


      The context of the workshops is international, independent, neutral, and strongly experienced-based.  They are not about research or the theory of carsharing. They focus on the specifics of transport policy and practice: preparation, implementation, negotiation and operation, with all of the fine grain details that it takes to make a success. A wide variety of approaches and visions of carsharing are being welcomed.


      The carshare events are being hosted by the first EVER Dialogues on Sustainable Development and Climate Change, focusing this year on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energy. Full background on the Dialogues will be found at http://ever-monaco.com.  EVER is welcoming these pattern-breaking carshare events on the grounds that shared cars are, in fact, “ecological vehicles” and as such provide a practical tool for near term adoption at a time when all  workable options are needed.


      Further information is available via the Monaco Carshare website at http://www.monaco.newmobility.org. For interviews with the organizers, international experts or any of the leading participants, contact Eric Britton at eric.britton@..., Tel. 331 4326-1323, or Skype: ericbritton.


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      Some reference/background information:


      Invited carshare organizations and presentations:


      Leading websites on carsharing:


      Useful Wikipedia entries



      • Six hundred world cities where you can carshare this morning: http://ecoplan.org/carshare/general/cities.htm#latest
      • World Carshare Supplier Inventory - http://ecoplan.org/carshare/general/wcs-supplier-inventory.pdf
      • World Carshare Operator Inventory - http://ecoplan.org/carshare/general/inventory.htm


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