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Bangkoks new solution to solve traffic congestion

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  • Sunny
    The following is an excerpt from the Nation newspaper of Bangkok...Does this really solve congestion... ... *Newin unveils taxi plan to solve Bangkok s traffic
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2005
      The following is an excerpt from the Nation newspaper of
      Bangkok...Does this really solve congestion...
      *Newin unveils taxi plan to solve Bangkok's traffic woes*

      BANGKOK: -- PM's Office Minister Newin Chidchobb has come up with
      a new idea to solve the capital's traffic problem: having
      government offices, hotels and shopping malls give free-of-charge
      parking space for taxis to pick up customers.

      After consulting representatives of 18 taxi organisations and related
      agencies yesterday morning at Government House, Newin said he
      believed he had gathered useful information about Bangkok's
      clogged streets.

      Suwannaphum Taxi Co-op representatives pointed out that there are up
      to 60,000 taxis on the streets looking for customers, wasting money
      on fuel and blocking traffic flows. They suggested that the
      government provide them with specific parking and pick-up spots. For
      roads suffering thick congestion such as Petchaburi, Sukhumvit or
      IV, the spots could be in a soi away from the main road and the
      government should inform people where to find the taxis.

      The government should also expand bus stops so taxis could pick up
      customers, they said. They also disagreed with the Bangkok
      Metropolitan Administration's 150 "intelligent" taxi
      stands because the drivers would have to pay to install the required
      GPRS system to locate customers.

      Newin said he would ask for a prime ministerial order or a Cabinet
      resolution for government offices to provide parking space for five
      to 10 taxis. He would also ask for co-operation from the private
      sector – big office buildings, hotels, shopping malls – to
      parking space for taxis free-of-charge. At first this could be a
      request for
      co-operation to tackle the traffic problem but if that did not work,
      parking space could take the form of a ministerial regulation, he

      Next week, officials will hold discussions with taxi drivers to
      gather more information on the issue.

      In a related development, Newin yesterday announced the official
      opening on October 3 of a project for students to sell tollway
      coupons during rush hours. More than 100 students have applied in
      person and via telephone so far, he said.

      At 7.30am on Friday, Expressway and Rapid Transit Authority officials
      will run a trial at the Prachacheun tollway entrance, he said, while
      some 600 university students from Suan Dusit Rajabhat University will
      interview motorists for their opinions on traffic problems on
      Petchaburi, Sukhumvit, and Rama IV roads. He also invited the public
      to express their opinions and suggestions via the website

      --The Nation 2005-09-15

      In my idea is that this plan will not reduce taxi traffic which is
      allegedly the major cause of congestion but on the other hand will
      increase the traffic as the taxi drivers might think that the plan
      will act as a catalyst for their business...when it comes to solving
      congestion problem...bangkok government has to realize that as long
      they provide more space for cars by means of road extension and new
      flyovers the problem cannot be tackled and more over the inefficent
      bus service is also another hurdle at solving congestion....providing
      bus ways and allowing the bus to be faster than the car will surely
      the bangkok government see light in solving congestion.....doing this
      will only be the first step and further which has to be bolstered by
      encouraging nmt and alternative travel choice....any comments and
      suggestion are welcome on this idea
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