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Schwarzenegger combats global warming...? - Part II

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  • Eric Britton
    ... man-o-steel s statement concerning global warming reduction for California. Best regards, Carlos F. Pardo
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2005

      >> Who would have thought... See article below, an article about the man-o-steel's statement concerning global warming reduction for California. Best regards, Carlos F. Pardo<<


      Dear Friends of Sustainability World-Wide,


      No. Not surprising really.


      The evidence suggest that there are at least four basic underlying things that we need to understand for this apparently unexpected event not only to make perfect sense but also to see it as a source of  powerful lessons for all of us around the world who wish to make some of these fundamental changes in our transportation/environment arrangements:


      ·         First, that California, as the most and earliest automobilized of all the States, has for some fifteen years now been a leader in both thinking and innovation in the environmental field.  (That is not to imply that this has been a straight line. . . To the contrary, there are lots of things going on in terms of policy, practice and funding which work in exactly the opposite direction.  But all that said California has now a long history of taking leadership positions in both matters of transportation and energy.)


      ·         Second, Schwarzenegger is a political opportunist, and if this will get him visibility and votes —and it sure will – then what’s the big surprise?


      ·         Third, when it comes to pattern breaks, including those in favor of the environment and well-being of our communities and our children, the old right/left political divisions and affiliations are meaningless. To the contrary just as the traditional left has been weak and often betrayed the key precepts and concepts when they finally get into office, the right from time to time merges to come up with happy surprises such as this.  (I call this the “Nixon in China” syndrome).


      ·         And finally, the governator has a smart and not-timid wife with many of the right reactions and positions on this.  This last is not entirely a one time shot. By this I mean that families, wives and children, can often be a means for accomplishing otherwise unexpected breakthroughs.  Which is one of the reasons that in our work we give so much attention to children as a source of information and inspiration (see our still a bit nascent Children on the Move! at http://www.ecoplan.org/children/)



      Lesson: To realize our ambitious objectives we must be prepared to go out of the box. Again and again and again.


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