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Schwarzenegger combats global warming...?

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  • Eric Britton
    Who would have thought... See article below, an article about the man-o-steel s statement concerning global warming reduction for California. Best regards,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2005
      Who would have thought... See article below, an article about the
      man-o-steel's statement concerning global warming reduction for California.

      Best regards,

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      Source: http://helenair.com/articles/2005/06/02/national/a05060205_01.prt

      Schwarzenegger unveils global warming plan at UN conference

      By Terence Chea - Associated Press Writer - 06/02/05

      SAN FRANCISCO - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger stole the show at the

      United Nations environmental conference Wednesday by unveiling a

      plan to combat global warming by setting goals for reducing California's

      emissions of greenhouse gases.

      At the opening of the UN World Environmental Day Conference,

      Schwarzenegger signed an executive order that appeared to put the

      Republican governor on an opposite course from the Bush

      administration, which has rebuffed international efforts to address

      climate change.

      ''Today, California will be a leader in the fight against global

      warming,'' Schwarzenegger told an international audience of mayors

      and environmentalists at San Francisco City Hall. ''I say the debate

      is over. We know the science, we see the threat and we know the time

      for action is now.''

      Schwarzenegger's executive order calls for reducing the state's

      emissions of such gases to 2000 levels by 2010, 1990 levels by 2020

      and 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050. The secretary of

      California's Environmental Protection Agency will be charged with

      overseeing efforts to meet those goals, and will report on the

      state's progress in January and every six months after that.

      Schwarzenegger didn't announce any specific new policies, but said

      he would move ahead to impose greenhouse gas emissions standards for

      automobiles, increase use of renewable power and boost energy

      efficiency in state buildings and vehicles.

      The governor said he would work with state lawmakers to enact

      legislation to meet his ambitious targets. The California Assembly

      this week overwhelmingly passed a bill to meet international

      greenhouse gas reduction standards by 2010, which is more aggressive

      than the governor's 2010 target.

      ''We have no choice but to meet this challenge,'' Schwarzenegger

      said. ''We must leave a better world for our children and their


      Scientists and environmentalists said they were encouraged by

      Schwarzenegger's new targets. As the country's largest state and the

      world's eighth largest economy, California has the clout to

      influence the national debate over global warming, they said.

      ''The governor has opened the door to a whole new future for the

      California economy,'' said Kate Larsen, a policy analyst at

      Environmental Defense.

      But scientists said the state would have to launch more aggressive

      policies and programs to meet the governor's ambitious goals, such

      as setting state limits on greenhouse gas emissions and allowing

      companies to buy and sell permits to release such gases.

      ''We have to accelerate the policies we already have in place and

      develop new policies to fill the gap,'' said Jason Mark, California

      director of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

      Schwarzenegger unveiled his plan at the opening of the five-day

      international conference, the first ever held on American soil.

      While no major Bush administration official has announced plans to attend,

      at least 70 mayors from cities such as London, Rio de Janiero and

      Shanghai were expected, trading ideas on renewable energy,

      recycling, public transportation, city parks and clean air and water.

      Schwarzenegger has made other attempts to rein in greenhouse gases.

      His ''hydrogen highways'' program encourages the installation of

      enough hydrogen fueling stations to enable the use of zero-polluting

      vehicles across the state, and his ''million solar roofs'' program

      would subsidize residential solar power installations, jump-starting

      that industry as well.


      Patrick Judge, Energy Program Director

      Montana Environmental Information Center

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      Helena, MT 59624


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