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New Documents Posted On VTPI Website

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  • Todd Alexander Litman
    For Immediate Release: 2 May 2005 For more information: Todd Litman . The Victoria Transport Policy Institute has three timely new documents
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2005
      For Immediate Release: 2 May 2005
      For more information: Todd Litman <litman@...>.

      The Victoria Transport Policy Institute has three timely new documents
      posted on its website (http://www.vtpi.org).

      1) "Efficient Vehicles Versus Efficient Transportation: Comparing
      Transportation Energy Conservation Strategies," by Todd Litman

      This paper compares four transportation energy conservation strategies
      using a comprehensive evaluation framework that takes into account how each
      strategy affects annual vehicle travel, and therefore mileage-related
      impacts such as traffic congestion, road and parking facility costs and
      crash risk. Mileage-related impacts tend to be large in magnitude compared
      with energy conservation benefits, so even small changes in total vehicle
      travel can have a large impact on net benefits. Fuel efficiency standards
      and some alternative fuels cause vehicle travel to increase. Higher fuel
      taxes cause a combination of increased vehicle fuel economy and reduced
      mileage. Mobility management strategies cause relatively large mileage
      reductions and so provide the greatest mileage-related benefits.
      Conventional evaluation practices often overlook mileage-related impacts
      and so tend to overvalue strategies that increase vehicle fuel efficiency
      and undervalue mobility management strategies. Published recently in
      "Transport Policy," Volume 12, Issue 2, March 2005, Pages 121-129,
      * * * * * *

      2) "Appropriate Response to Rising Fuel Prices," by Todd Litman

      This paper evaluates public policy options for responding to rising fuel
      prices. There is popular support for policies to minimize retail prices by
      reducing fuel taxes or providing production subsidies. But
      price-minimization policies are likely to harm consumers and the economy
      overall by encouraging transportation system inefficiency. Fuel price
      reductions are an inappropriate way to provide affordable mobility to
      low-income households; other strategies can do more to increase
      affordability while also increasing transport system efficiency. Because
      many transportation decisions are durable, low fuel price policies will
      increase future fuel import costs, imposing harming the future economy.
      Rather than reducing fuel prices it would be better to allow prices to rise
      and do everything possible to improve transport system efficiency. It is
      difficult to image consumers demonstrating with signs that say, "Raise My
      Fuel Prices!," but it actually makes sense.
      * * * * * *

      3) "Paying For Parking," by Gabriel Roth (http://www.vtpi.org/roth_parking.pdf)

      This 1965 paper is an interesting and seminal document which outlines the
      principles of efficient parking pricing and management. Many issues it
      raises apply to other types of transport pricing reforms, such as
      congestion pricing. Posted with author's permission (thanks Gabriel!).
      * * * * * *

      The Victoria Transport Policy Institute is an independent research
      organization dedicated to developing innovative solutions to transportation
      problems. The VTPI website (http://www.vtpi.org) has many resources
      addressing a wide range of transport planning and policy issues. Please let
      us know if you have comments or questions, or if you would like to be
      removed from our mailing list. And please pass this information on to
      others who may find it useful.

      Todd Litman, Director
      Victoria Transport Policy Institute
      "Efficiency - Equity - Clarity"
      1250 Rudlin Street
      Victoria, BC, V8V 3R7, Canada
      Phone & Fax: 250-360-1560
      Email: litman@...
      Website: http://www.vtpi.org
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