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Re: [New Mobility/WorldTransport Forum] Principal Voices recommendations

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  • tara.bartee@dot.state.fl.us
    FYI A session on transportation and the tsunami has been added to the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. See:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 5, 2005
      FYI A session on transportation and the tsunami has been added to the
      Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.

      See: http://trb.org/news/blurb_detail.asp?id=4530

      2005 TRB 84th Annual Meeting: NEW SESSION! -- Transportation and
      Logistical Challenges Associated with the Tsunami Disaster

      A special session titled “Transportation and Logistical Challenges
      Associated with the Tsunami Disaster” has just been added to the
      program for the TRB 84th Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.  The
      session will be held in the Blue Room of the Omni Shoreham Hotel on
      Sunday, January 9, at 8:00 p.m.  The session will include invited
      presentations relating to topics such as airlift and sealift of aid and
      relief supplies, including the role of the military, distribution of
      aid and relief supplies once they reach affected countries, challenges
      of rebuilding infrastructure in underdeveloped countries, and the
      impact of the disaster on commercial shipping and global supply
      chains.  This session is open to all who are interested and will
      include discussion of the role TRB, its sponsors, and volunteers can
      play in addressing both short- and long-term challenges associated with
      this disaster.

      Please note that this session is a work in progress.  Check the link to
      session details for the latest information available.

      Tara Bartee
      Public Transit Office FDOT
      Voice 850-414-4520
      FAX 850-414-4508
      E-Mail tara.bartee@...

      "EcoPlan, Paris"
      plan.org> To
      12/23/2004 03:31 cc
      [New Mobility/WorldTransport Forum]
      Please respond to Principal Voices recommendations

      Oops. Good. I got your message(s).

      Therefore, I will be adding the following names as you have suggested to
      the PV shortlist, each with a few judicious lines to help orient them and
      hopefully allow them to sort things out for themselves.

      • Derek Scrafton, Adelaide
      • Michael Meyer, Atlanta
      • Mikel Murga, Bilbao
      • Wendell Cox, Belleville, Illinois
      • Enrique Peñalosa, Bogota
      • Martin Strid, Borlange
      • Robin Chase, Boston
      • Jan Gehl, Copenhagen
      • Phil Goodwin, Exeter
      • Yngve Westerlund, Gothenburg
      • John Whitelegg, Lancaster
      • Dave Wetzel, London
      • Robert Poole, Los Angeles
      • Dinish, Mohan, New Delhi
      • Michael A. Replogle, New York
      • Peter Wiederkehr, OECD
      • Corinne Lepage, Paris
      • Denis Baupin, Paris
      • Per Homann Jespersen, Roskilde, DK
      • Jerry Schneider, Seattle
      • Karl Fjellstrom, Surabaya
      • Peter Newman, Sydney
      • Jane Jacobs, Toronto
      • Sue Zielinski, Toronto
      • Todd Litman, Victoria
      • Ken Orski, Washington, DC
      • Rudolf Petersen, Wuppertal

      Oh dear yes, I realize that (a) this is starting to be unwieldy, but we can
      leave the sorting to them once they have the full list in front of them.
      And almost for sure I have missed out on your favorite candidate (maybe
      you?), but you still can get them on board if you get back to me before the
      end of the day.   As you can see I am trying to do this too fast, but the
      clock is ticking.  That said, this gives them quite a fair choice of
      backgrounds and approaches, right to left, narrow to broad, engineering to
      public policy, -- which is what we need to bring into this debate -- but I
      would very much hope that political astuteness and tangible on street
      accomplishment will be high on their selection criteria.

      Last chance to come in with your recommendations on this.

      Eric Britton

      PS. And yes, it is not only fairer like this, but much more interesting and
      useful.  I think what they really should consider doing is to create the
      three Voices, and then have an ‘invisible college’ which brings together
      whoever of this list might wish to pitch in and at most a handful of
      others.  Now THAT would be really interesting.  And useful.

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