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Re: [New Mobility/WorldTransport Forum] International peer support for a sustainability nomination

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  • Dave Brook
    Yes, I would fully support the nomination of Todd Litman. Not only his on line Encyclopedia, but his many thoughtful papers also posted on line and his
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 12, 2004
      Yes, I would fully support the nomination of Todd Litman. Not only his
      on line Encyclopedia, but his many thoughtful papers also posted on
      line and his conference and consulting services. The City of Portland
      has benefited greatly from his perspective.

      Dave Brook
      Portland, Oregon

      On Dec 8, 2004, at 3:00 AM, EcoPlan, Paris wrote:

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      Subject: [New Mobility/WorldTransport Forum] International peer support for a sustainability nomination

      Dear World Wide Friends of Sustainable Transport,

      (I would in fact prefer to get this message out without actually alerting
      the person in question, but we all know how this works and so I will just
      have to live with this and keep moving.)

      Every once in a while the phone rings and I suddenly have an opportunity –
      which as you can well imagine I am greatly honored by -- to name for some
      form of international recognition or support one or more outstanding
      sustainability advocates or groups working to expand the boundaries of
      knowledge and human interaction– including people who work outside of
      conventional reward systems. Which is why I write you all this morning.

      Now as some of you know I am always very interested to lend a hand to anyone
      or any institutions that wishes to award or support this kind of person in
      their work to advance the sustainability agenda anywhere in the world. My
      work under the Stockholm Partnerships for Sustainable Cities has been a
      wonderful instrument for this, and I am always on the lookout for ways in
      which I can make a contribution along these lines. I might note in this
      context that a major focus of my personal interest and approach – as indeed
      this note duly attests – is in the ways in which we can make use available
      technology to achieve our sustainability objectives, not least of which all
      that often goes into the ball of wax that many call IT.

      So here is my idea in reaction to this latest phone call and here is where I
      am looking for your thoughts and support. I am greatly impressed Todd
      Litman’s long term dedication in developing, at his own expenses and without
      external support, the Online TDM Encyclopedia, a much consulted
      sustainability tool (for example this morning there were no less than 1160
      references to this title under Google) of more than 80 chapters, 1,000 pages
      and hundred of links, and in his forcefully working day by day to make sure
      that this important reference is consulted internationally when it’s time to
      make a decision in our much troubled transport sector. Many of us here know
      how hard this job is, how subtle are the distinctions that need to be made,
      and how important it is for us to have access to solid information and wise
      counsel in our work as we go about to alter the patterns of what we here
      like to refer to as ‘old mobility’ or a supply oriented approach to the
      needs of people in a world of finite resources and limited geometries of our
      cities – and heavy entrenched interests and old habits nearly all of which
      are working in the other, wrong direction.

      To this end, I would like to ask any and all of you to consider taking a
      moment and letting me know if (a) you think this is a worthy idea and (b)
      perhaps a few of your own thoughts and reactions on Todd’s approach,
      accomplishments and goals. In truth, I cannot of course be in any way sure
      that this particular award will go this way, but my interest in supporting
      this approach goes way beyond any one particular possibility. Moreover, I am
      hopeful that perhaps even this note to you and our eventual follow-up will
      help us all to focus on the approach that he is taking and perhaps even
      scratch around among our own sources and contacts to see what might be done
      to give him further support and guidance for his worthy initiative.

      There you have it. As many of you will remember, we have put this kind of
      collaboration to good and great purposes in the past, remember Bogota in
      2000 for example and a few things since (see below for latest). So if this
      agrees with you, I would like to ask you to respond privately to my personal
      email address at mail@.... I will then work with this in my
      corner for now, but I am sure that in good time we will be able to make this
      better known to a world in need of new ideas and better examples of how
      people care, and are also able to care together.

      Best to you all dear friends as this patently unsustainable 2004 stutters to
      an end,

      Eric Britton

      PS. Not all of you may be aware of the final outcome of our last
      collaborative peer support effort, in which many of you kindly and actively
      participated. The result that the candidate we supported for this year’s
      World Technology Environment Award, Ken Livingstone and his team for their
      path-breaking work in introducing the pioneering Congestion Charging project
      in London, was indeed awarded the top environmental prize in the solemn
      ceremony that took place at the World Technology Summit on October 7/8 in
      San Francisco. And as we know one of the results of this project is that,
      whether you agree with all the details or not, it is serving to reshape
      attitudes toward road pricing in cities to the extent that virtually every
      major city in the world is today giving careful consideration to this
      option. So all we have to do now is stay tuned for the next series of city
      projects that are sure to follow.
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