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under-representation of women in transport-related fora

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  • eric.britton@ecoplan.org
    ... From: Tanzarn Nite [mailto:ntanzarn@ss.mak.ac.ug] Sent: Friday, August 20, 2004 9:52 AM To: Gender and Transport Subject: [gatnet] Re: Invitation to visit,
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      From: Tanzarn Nite [mailto:ntanzarn@...]
      Sent: Friday, August 20, 2004 9:52 AM
      To: Gender and Transport
      Subject: [gatnet] Re: Invitation to visit, possibly join New Mobility

      I am called Nite Tanzarn, a female Ugandan. I have been working in the
      transport sector as a researcher/consultant for some time now with a
      focus on socio-economic and gender concerns. I am preparing for my Phd on
      Gendered Time Poverty in Development Management - Maximising the (economic)
      Benefits of Investment in Roads - the focus is on women's relative immobility
      related to work burden, inadequate access (infrastructure and means of
      transport) and how this renders their labour non-transferable from the domestic to the market economy.

      I would be interested in joining the New Mobility Agenda. I have also
      been concerned about the under-representation of women in transport-related
      fora. Many times I attend meetings/workshops where I am the only woman. The
      expressions that I see on the male colleagues' faces many times read:
      "What are you doing here." I acknowledge the inroads that have been made
      (gatnet being one of them, thanks to Pri) but a lot more needs to be done. I
      hope that this fora will not only improve women's visibility in the sector
      but also contribute to addressing other prevalent gender inequalities in the

      Best Regards


      eric.britton@... writes:

      > It has been kindly suggested by our colleague Priyanthi Fernando of
      > IFRTD that we get in touch with GATNET in the following context. This is
      > the first of two recent emails which express our concern about grossly
      > inadequate representation of women in participation and leadership
      > positions in our sector. We invite you to have a look at the New
      > Mobility Agenda at http://newmobility.org <http://newmobility.org/> ,
      > and in the event that you feel it can be useful to you, well it would be
      > wonderful to have you with us. I will post the second note in this
      > series later today so that you can see the kinds of reactions this call
      > of 10 August has been greeted.
      > Kind regards, Eric Britton
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