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Major overhaul of @World Car Free Day site in preparation for September events

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  • EcoPlan
    Dear Colleagues, Barely one month from the combined World/European Car Free Day push of 21 and 22 September, we have been hard at work in an attempt to render
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18, 2000
      Dear Colleagues,

      Barely one month from the combined World/European Car Free Day push of 21
      and 22 September, we have been hard at work in an attempt to render our
      @World Car Free Day site at http://ecoplan.org/carfreeday more inviting,
      easier and more useful as an information, planning and international
      collaborative tool. A number of changes have already been made and more are
      in progress; however we feel that the new site is now far enough along in
      its development that it should already prove useful to any of you who are
      thinking about or working on car free day projects and programs in your

      At this point we should like to invite your comments and suggestions,
      including if you have any news on your projects and plans for this year.
      The site is already a very rich source of information both for planning and
      research purposes, and in this respect we would like to draw your attention
      in particular to the new Search functions which are considerably more
      powerful and extensive. At this point, they provide coverage of more than a
      dozen leading international sources that deal with our topic, but if you
      have others which you feel should be included in our regular weekly search
      routine, let us now and we will add them to our search list.

      Let me close this note with a word on the current of resistance that we are
      seeing in a number of places, including in some leading European cities and
      concerned institutions to the car free day programs that are currently
      underway. It is our position that we need to listen to what these people
      are saying, and even if we may not ultimately agree with their conclusions,
      we should be aware that they are serious people and have some things to say
      which we must take into consideration. So let's honor those who may not
      agree with all our great ideas, and learn to listen to and learn from them.
      We probably have a thing or two to learn.

      Finally, I would like to make one point which we have always tried to keep
      to the fore in our work on this concept over the last dozen years, and that
      is that the objective of a car free day is above all to set the stage for
      significant changes in the transportation infrastructure and delivery
      arrangements of that place. And since the people and groups who are
      presently being significantly underserved by today's arrangements in most of
      our cites are, in fact, close to a majority, there is every reason that
      these major changes should be getting underway immediately and with massive
      public support. If a car free day serves to make this point, then it is
      doing its job. If it's only a transient hiccup in the daily life of the
      city and an annoyance to many of the people that live and work there, then
      it's probably more trouble than it's worth.

      I look forward to your feedback and continuing support of this fine concept.

      Eric Britton

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