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SEI Report- Aviation & Sustainability

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  • Wetzel Dave
    Dear John and Howard I was very interested to read the Summary Recommendations of your SEI report - Aviation & Sustainability. I fully support your objective
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 5, 2004
      Dear John and Howard

      I was very interested to read the Summary Recommendations of your SEI report
      - Aviation & Sustainability.
      I fully support your objective to reduce environmental pollution from air

      Have you considered the auctioning of landing slots at airports as an
      environmental tool?

      This would generate revenue for the public realm and encourage airlines to
      rethink their use of the skies.

      Currently, the value of these slots sits in the airlines balance sheets as
      an asset for which they have paid nothing.
      (In February this year QUANTAS purchased 2 slots at London Heathrow from
      another airline for £20m, and there is a landing slot every two minutes).

      I used to work for BEA (now part of British Airways). The company initials
      stood for "British European Airways" but with so many flights in and out (I
      used to roster pilots to Brussels in the morning and Paris in the afternoon)
      we joked that the initials BEA stood for "Back Every Afternoon".

      Consequently, BA has inherited (on grandfather/mother rights) hundreds of
      these highly valuable slots.
      A landing slot consists of permission to fly through the air in a particular
      place at a specific time.

      As no airline has created air, time and space - the key components of a
      landing slot, these slots should belong to all of us and could easily be
      auctioned by Government on the basis of a 5 year permit for each slot. At
      the end of the 5 years a fresh auction would be held.

      This process would be similar to Gordon Brown auctioning a part of the
      spectrum for 3G mobile phone licences three years ago. The permit was for 20
      years and raised £22.4bn. In 17 years time we can all have another bight of
      the cherry!

      Dave Wetzel; Vice-Chair; Transport for London.
      Windsor House. 42-50 Victoria Street. London. SW1H 0TL. UK
      Tel: 020 7941 4200
      Windsor House is close to New Scotland Yard. Buses 11, 24, 148, 211 and
      N11 pass the door.
      Nearest Tube: St. James's Park Underground station.
      Nearest mainline stations: Waterloo and Victoria (Both a walk or short
      bus ride).

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      From: John Whitelegg [mailto:John.Whitelegg@...]
      Sent: Sunday, 4 July 2004 20:06
      I thought you would like to see this. The report is published on 5th July

      It has already received a great deal of media attention eg:


      The Stockholm Environment Institute is pleased to announce the launch of
      a new report entitled "Aviation and Sustainability" by John Whitelegg
      and Howard Cambridge. The report sets out a model for international
      aviation policy aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other
      impacts expected as a result of the massive growth in demand for air


      Please find attached a press release in PDF and rtf format. The
      executive summary and full report are available on the SEI website at
      the following address:


      We look forward to hearing your comments and we are happy respond to any
      questions regarding the report..

      Yours sincerely

      John Whitelegg and Howard Cambridge

      Stockholm Environment Institute
      Biology Department
      University of York
      York, UK

      Tel: +44 (0)1904 432897

      The Stockholm Environment Institute is a global science policy institute
      with its headquarters is in Stockholm (Sweden) and it has research
      at the University of York (UK), Boston (USA), Tallinn (Estonia) and
      It has a strong interest in contributing to the development of policy
      through the communication of policy relevant science directly to policy

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