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Re: [New Mobility/WorldTransport Forum] "Seven Sustainable Mayors":Profiles of Courage

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  • VijayLele
    I think your Profiles in Courage is a commendable idea. Those who innovate and undertake challenges deserve recognition. It also inspires others. However, as
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3 11:33 PM
      I think your "Profiles in Courage" is a commendable idea. Those who innovate
      and undertake challenges deserve recognition. It also inspires others.

      However, as far as India is concerned, it would be difficult to identify a
      mayor who has done something novel in the area we are talking about. The
      pattern of election/nomination here is party based.

      Usually, the character is a majority party cohort, and the parties
      themselves have a none-to- clean record in local governance in the matter we
      are talking about.

      Moreover, the mayor has little executive / discretionary power to achieve
      anything fundamental.

      It is more likely that in India one might find a dynamic or upright Muncipal
      Commissioner, or such bureacrat who, prompted by his vision and
      understanding, manages to achieve something despite the tangles created by

      Vijay Lele
      Pune Traffic and Transportation Forum

      eric.britton@... wrote:

      > Friday, July 02, 2004, Paris, France, Europe
      > We have decided to work up a set of "Profiles of Courage", brief but
      > sharp reminders of how a handful of hard-headed, far sighted mayors in
      > (this list is in progress) Brazil, Britain, Colombia, Canada, France,
      > Germany, and yes even the United States of America, have managed to turn
      > around vital transport elements of their city and get them off the old
      > path and onto that of a sustainable system (bit by bit). We hope to be
      > able to share these with you before the end of the summer.
      > Do you have candidates (let’s note that we have not yet identified
      > anyone from Asia or Africa in this lot)? Do you have information on any
      > of these mayors that should be integrated into the profiles? Let us
      > know.
      > Several of these cases are well known to all of you here – for example
      > the stories of Jaime Lerner and Enrique Peñalosa – but others are less
      > known. And in any event I think that what will be important about this
      > little collection is that by putting them next to each other and
      > searching out the communalities and lessons in terms specifically of
      > what is needed to break the old patterns, we will be able to help show
      > the way for others. After all, there have to be some mayors out there
      > who are ready to go and who may need just this nudge to greatness.
      > I would intend to post these, possibly one by one on the site over the
      > two months ahead so that you will have an opportunity to comment, which
      > comments we shall of course take into fullest consideration.
      > Note: Is there anyone out there who would like to take on this task for
      > us? Either the whole thing or individual profiles that I could then try
      > to whip into shape so that the whole lot reads as of a piece. I think
      > it’s a important and timely challenge, and all offers of help will be
      > gratefully received.
      > Eric Britton
      > PS. This could very nicely be sponsored by some international
      > organization of local government, mayors or what have you. Or a
      > foundation or anyone else who thinks this could be important and worth
      > doing. The only condition, in addition to our being pleased to take
      > their money and have a high profile public rostrum to get the news out,
      > is that they cannot in any way influence the work in progress or final
      > product. ;-)
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