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4X4 Drives, SUVs and Station Wagons as a threat

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  • eric.britton@ecoplan.org
    Monday, June 28, 2004, Paris, France, Europe ... Station Wagons as a threat to the living beings and the environment.
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      Monday, June 28, 2004, Paris, France, Europe

      >>Would you consider increasing presence of the 4X4 Drives, SUVs and
      Wagons as a threat to the living beings and the environment.<<

      Dear Kisan,

      The very short answer is yes of course. But the longer one is that when
      it comes to wars and battles I try to chose the ones I can win. And I
      must admit I feel a bit edgy about the chances of this kind of
      specifically targeted approach.

      The higher the level of detail and specificity in any law with reference
      to technology or external appearance, the more likely it is that we will
      run into opposition and trouble, no matter how pure our motives. (And
      indeed in a true democracy we need simplicity and clarity in our laws,
      which argues for fewer and more powerful and not more and more fussy.)

      Which is why I favor such approaches as making drivers pay for the use
      of scarce public resources through (a) actual physical limitations in
      the amount of road space they can access (turning the rest over to more
      efficient users); (b) strategic parking policy (still one of the most
      powerful control tools we have and which we are still in most places
      under-utilizing); and road pricing. More or less in that order, and
      almost always like a rheostat with gradually tightening but fully
      transparent and ineluctable limitations and controls (giving folks the
      time needed to adjust to the new mobility environment..

      All those are sticks of course. So what about the carrots? ;-)

      (I assume this discussion is not concluded?)

      Eric Britton

      PS. Sustran messaging? Hey, they are a splendid and much needed part
      of our all too limited world sustainability tool kit. When I have been
      unable to get through to them on one or two occasions in the past, I
      later found out that it was because of a small addressing problem, on my
      part. I have forwarded your note to Paul Barter who I am sure will deal
      with you direct on this. But no no!, keep on with our wonderful friends
      at Sustran.
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