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France to Impose Green Tax on Big Cars

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  • eric.britton@ecoplan.org
    The remainder of this interesting discussion can be found both direct in our Sustran Network link (under Talking New Mobility in the menu) or in our gemütlich
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2004

      The remainder of this interesting discussion can be found both direct in our Sustran Network link (under Talking New Mobility in the menu) or in our gemütlich New Mobility Cafe (same address).

      BTW, are there any other worthy discussions on our important topic to which we should be providing similar direct links for everyone's use and convenience?


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      Subject: [sustran] Re:
      Green =Pollution and Congestion- Taxes on Cars


      Dear Colleagues,


      Frankly we fail to appreciate Prabha's contention that the issue is

      complex.    We have  to look to the existing situation and visualise

      conditions most likely  to come up and devise measures to ease the

      present and to avoid  future hardship to residents.


      Our suggestion is to charge under Pollution Tax one time levy  when a

      new car leaves the show room and recurring charge on the fuel filled

      payable at the time of filling up of the tank.  Congestion Tax is a recurring

      charge to be paid on the basis of fuel filled.      Can anybody avoid registration

      for bringing car on the road with a distinctive serial number. No car can run on

      roads without the serial number assigned by the registering authority.   In India,

      registration tax is now one time hence the Pollution Tax as well can be one

      time. In some countries, reregistration is annual with changing serial number.     


      Both recurring Pollution and Congestion Tax can be added to fuel price and

      collectd on the basis of fuel delivered at the pump. There can be no avoidance

      of this tax as the gas pump shall have to deposit the amount to the treasury on

      the same lines like Sales Tax or Excise Duty prevailing in India.    Both taxes

      shall have to be uniform for the entire country to seal likelihood of leakage. 


      Part of Congestion Tax collections can be used to upgrade public transport

      both intracity and intercity.   Public transport service within the commuting

      areas Indian cities is dismal, neglected by the authorities who invariably collect

      Passenger Tax, sometime touching to 15-25 % of the ticket fare on every

      ticket issued for travelling in the hazardous rickety and noisy buses. 


      The paradox is that every  bus passenger, intracity and intercity, pays the

      Passenger Tax while a car owner has nothing to pay for use of road and f

      or killing pedestrians on the road.


      Public transport service, both railway and bus, needs to be improved. 

      Improved railway commuter service can enable ciommuters to shift to railways

      and public bus service can reduce hardship.  To improve public road service

      it is essnetial that number of private motorised vehicles has to be reduced.

      The above taxes will be a positive movement for easing road congestion

      and increasing cimmuter satisfaction.    Hope Prabha supports these levies

      as measures to ease congestion and reduce polution, both to the benefit of 

      the people and more of the poor.    


      Like any developing (poor) country. the Indian Government is doing everything

      to support motorisation at the cost of the common man who cannot dream of

      owning a car ever, even a Maruti (Suzuki) car. Best wishes.


      Kisan Mehta        

      Save Bombay Committee

      620 Jame Jamshed Road, Dadar East,

      Mumbai 400014

      Tel: 00 91 22 2414 9688

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      Subject: [sustran] Re: [bnet] France to Impose Green Tax on Big Cars


      This issue is complex. When Maruti started manufacture it was a "peoples car" - implication being when we have more moolah we "graduate" to better, bigger cars.

      Big cars have aspiration value. In my building the watchmen routinely stand up to greet visitors in big cars - the same courtesy doesn't extend to people like us in small cars.

      Taxes are easily avoidable by this class of big people in big cars. THe big car manufacturers are also policy makers.

      As such, ecofreindly mass transport wil be a distant dream. 


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      Subject: [bnet] France to Impose Green Tax on Big Cars


      Dear Colleagues,


      We should welcome and applaud the French proposal to impose Green

      Tax  on Big Cars in view of increasing quantum of air exhaust in

      crowded human settlements.   This is possibly the first time that such a

      move being taken by the authorities to curb polution.


        Vehicle registration taxes worked out on the laden weight of the vehicle

      to be  paid at the time of putting  the vehicle on the road are comon

      however they are  found to be inadequate to curb increasing air pollution.


      One time tax as proposed may not be appropriate. To achieve the object

      of ensuring minimum health, what is required in addition is a Pollution

      Tax tagged to the petrol/diesel/gas consumption. That would also curb

      the use of vehicle  after paying the first tax. The realisation of Pollution

      Tax  can be utilised to run medical care  centres for cardiovaswcular and

      related  diseases as well as curtail the use of finite resource.    Taxes

      should be applicable throughout  the designated area, say the EU, France etc

      so that no vehicle  can escapes payment of these taxes.


      One time tax proposed for Paris would not control the pollution because

      the vehicle owner after paying  the initial tax payable at the time of

      purchase would soon forget the payment altogether and use the costlier vehicle

      more vengefully to the further loss to the community.


      Along with Pollution Tax, authorities should consider levying Congestion Tax to

      be  paid on the basis of actual furl coinsumption.  Rates for taxes may be

      different for different fuels, say more for diesel in personal cars, to encourage 

      change over to less polluting fuels.   Congrstion Tax reciepts can be utilised for

      improving  pedestrian movmeent facilites. In the fast growing motorisation,  

      pedestrian safety and convenience get the lowest priority.


      Thje SUVs and 4D vehicles should be charged tae Congestion and Pollution

      Taxes at a higher rate than personal cars.


      Let us hope that tax in London brought by the Mayor and the tax proposed

      in France become the herbinger of improved environment and higher

      human  safety. Thanks Sujit for bringing the matter to our notice. Best



      Kisan Mehta

      Save Bombay Committee

      620 Jame Jamshed Road,

      Mumbai 400014

      Tel:  00 91 22 2414 9688


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