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Transportation and Clean Development Mechanism: International Workshop

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    International Transportation and CDM Workshop August 25-27, 2004 Santiago, Chile Transportation accounts for one quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in many
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      International Transportation and CDM Workshop
      August 25-27, 2004 Santiago, Chile

      Transportation accounts for one quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in many countries, and this number is growing. However, very few projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) are addressing the issue of transportation because of the difficulties associated with baselines, additionality and monitoring.

      The International Institute for Sustainable Development, the Center for Clean Air Policy and Climate Change & Development are working with the government of
      Chile on a project that examines the feasibility of CDM projects in the transport sector. As part of this project, we will be hosting an international seminar August 25-27, 2004, in Santiago, Chile.

      Who should attend?
      Governments and organizationsfrom developing and developed countriesworking on the issues of climate change, transport and the CDM. Limited travel subsidies are available for developing country participants.

      What is the purpose?
      The primary goal is to advance the discussion of the fit between the Clean Development Mechanism and the transport sector with a focus on the following:
      bringing international experience and expertise to bear on the cutting edge analysis currently being conducted as part of the transport and CDM project in Chile;
      furthering discussion on limitations of the current CDM rules, and what types of creative solutions might better facilitate sustainable transport initiatives; and
      providing constructive suggestions to policy-makers and transport planners on how to incorporate emission reductions considerations into transportation planning in developing as well as developed countries.

      Preliminary Agenda
      August 25, 2004
      Pre-sessional: Examining Possibilities for CDM in the Transportation Sector: Lessons from Chile
      Presentation of findings from three case studies (bicycles; bus technology switch; and location efficient development) from a Santiago study, and recommendations for incorporating CDM into future transport initiatives in Chile.

      August 26, 2004
      Transportation and Climate Change Projects: Lessons for the CDM
      International examples of transport work focused on reducing greenhouse gases and discussion of
      transferable lessons learned.

      August 27, 2004
      Transportation, Climate Change and the CDM: Moving Forward
      Discussion of opportunities and challenges of transportation projects within the current CDM framework; examination of options to broaden the use of CDM in transport sector; and exploration of options beyond Kyoto (half day).

      For further information regarding the project, please visit the project Web site at

      For workshop information and registration details, please contact:
      Jodi Browne
      International Institute for Sustainable Development
      Ottawa, Canada

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