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FW: [World Streets Global South] EYES ON THE STREET

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  • eric britton
    Eric Britton posted in World Streets Global South
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2013

      Eric Britton posted in World Streets Global South

      EYES ON THE STREET As part of an effort to...

      Eric Britton

      6:47pm Apr 21


      As part of an effort to reach out to encourage various forms of participation and interest in our 2013 Equities Initiative collaborative project, I am preparing a small visual gift cum reminder for the 3,802 people currently signed in to World Streets and ostensibly interested in the cause. "Eyes on the street" if that rings a bell, a series of "Transportation Invisibilities" of which you can see one example here.

      Now my question. Before sending it out to our readers, I would very much like to have some critical views and suggestions with a view to improvement. If you would like to receive your copy for comment, please Comment here or drop me a line at eric.britton@....

      Several people have commented that there is no accompanying text to explain these images. My idea was to present them in the spirit of visual "Songs without Words", with the thought that it is surely more interesting what you, the engaged reader, does in your mind with these images than any sort of background or explanation that I might offer in your place.

      I hope you enjoy it and if you have other candidates, well that would be just great.



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