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Re: WorldTransport Forum Editorial: No FPT without SCR

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  • Dave Holladay
    Eric There is no such thing as a free lunch - you pay to use a car so you pay to use public transport. How you pay and what you pay might be the issue but I m
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 12, 2012

      There is no such thing as a free lunch - you pay to use a car so you pay to use public transport. 

      How you pay and what you pay might be the issue but I'm totally against Free as the concept

      Public Transport might be underwritten by organisations who make massive savings on providing car parking - some London companies reckon on saving £9K per year for every employee who does not need a car park space on their HQ site in West London, typically many will be giving each car driving employee parking to the value of £2K-£3K per year, so why not switch the offer to include ALL employees rather that the select few who opt to bring in their own cars, and expect free parking.

      Expand this to all parking - after all in the UK and for many other legislations the only commitment made by government is to provide roads for moving traffic, so ditch all provision for parking - provide roads ONLY for people moving around - on foot on bikes, on buses, in cars.

      A move to equate all travel costs through a common tariff will also help so that the cost of parking - at all times - can be totalled up against the cost of using a public service system.  Parking on or off the street at home or at the destination will have a price which can then be measured against the price for taking a publicly available service.

      Imagine if owning a car delivered the cost of paying for where it sits still at all the times it isn't moving.


      On 12/12/12 15:13, eric britton wrote:


      Editorial: No FPT without SCR

      Posted on 12 December 2012 | Leave a comment | Edit

      This is a simple fact! Free Public Transport (FPT) has no possible justification whatsoever unless your governing officials are willing to do something about adjusting the modal mix and bringi ng down car ownership and use in the city strategically and as quickly as possible SCR – (Serious Car Reductions).

      canada-vancouver-road closed - smaller

      The tools for achieving these necessary adjustments in the modal split are well known, experience-proven and widely used in cities of all sizes in many parts of the world. There is no possible justification that competent public authorities not be aware of these proven tools and policies. They include most notably:http://networkdispatches.wordpress.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif?m=1207340914g . . .

      Click here for article from World Streets - http://worldstreets.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/editorial-no-fpt-without-scr/




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