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My university work going back to the early...

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  • eric britton
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2012

      Eric Britton

      5:00pm Oct 4

      My university work going back to the early sixties was in the field of development economics, and so it seems only right that as I work on my new book, "Getting Around: On Cities, Indolence, Complexity and Equity" I keep at least some of th
      is in mind. The book is in fact a strategic rethink of the most important things I have observed and learned over forty years of international work in the field of transport and cities -- so it seems like a good idea if I can at least from time to time get my head out of the pure transport and mobility perspective, and keep in mind what the development economics approach has to offer by way of broader horizons and ideas. It is a wonderful, rich and highly diversified field, and if it has lost some of its shine in the last couple of decades, let me assure you that those working in the field are just gathering their strength to make a new round of contributions and impacts.

      So with that in mind, I have just today opened a new focus forum in Facebook that if you are interested you can find at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Thinking-about-Development-Economics/389252557812543 For the moment it is an empty box, but I am sure it will shortly start to have a vigorous life of its own. Have a look and make up your mind for yourself.

      Thinking about Development Economics

      In this forum, we will be looking at the intersect of development economics and the issues and event...

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