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Transport Vs. Mobility

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  • eric britton
    From: eric britton [mailto:eric.britton@ecoplan.org] Sent: Sunday, 09 September, 2012 07:47 To: pzimmer@carsharehfx.ca First Peter, Thanks for those
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      First Peter, Thanks for those encouraging words in World Streets today. As you know I am swimming against the current in much of my work, so it is very heartwarming to know that there are others who share my concerns.  Especially when it comes from  people like you who are showing with the courage and brains that it is possible to make  difference in their communities.


      Transport Vs. Mobility? Of course.  For now at least, I am taking aim at the "transportation" community, exactly as you describe them. People looking at the wrong stuff. If you look at the third mind map in the article  you will see over on the right the triptych Transport/Mobility/Access, and yes that is where my heart is on this.  At one point I may make the  shift, but for now this is how I am playing it.


      "Our mayor and the elections. Did you happen to see my couple of pieces on mayors and our sector?  If interested you can catch them at http://worldstreets.wordpress.com/?s=mayor.  I would like to think they might be of use in your run-up to the election.


      Six weeks? Oh dear, if I were not overloaded and underbrained I would propose to work with you to write a "Halifax Mobility Pact" which could serve to make as no-prisoners' statement on "transport" policy and what you expect from your mayors and local government more generally. The model might be Nicolas Houlot's Pacte Ecologique" which got such strong public support in the presidential elections of 2008 that all the major candidates had to sign on. The fact that President Sarkozy later ended up running away from the challenge is a lesson form the past, but at least he did try to set up something a bit different with the Grenelle de l'environnement.


      Thanks again Peter.







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