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Integrated transport system opportunity

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  • schrader@digitalexp.com
    Integrated Transport System. I have been reviewing a Integrated Transport System called InTranSys. It is a remarkable transport system design, to say the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2000
      Integrated Transport System.

      I have been reviewing a Integrated Transport System called InTranSys.
      It is a remarkable transport system design, to say the least. One I
      wish others would consider.

      I took to the design because it was the only one that I have been
      able to find that shows the ability to completely replace todays
      highways. Replacing todays highways is a must, that is if we intend
      to preserve the stability of ecological and environmental resources.
      This integrated transportation design however contains a great many
      benefits. While it elevated form and use of electric motors does
      satisfy and resolve the fragmentation of habitat and pollutions
      caused by todays highways, its social and economical benefits offer
      even larger incentives to carry it out.

      I performed some gross calculations on the systems cost and the
      benefits with an implementation over those presently incurred with
      todays highways and vehicles. There are some extraordinary
      differences in costs alone. The InTranSys has some large efficiencies
      over todays highways.

      Its major benefits in efficiencies are dramatic reductions in energy
      consumption 80%, structure necessity 90%, structure and vehicle
      maintenance 95%. The benefits however do not stop here. They systems
      improved performance goes on to create some even larger social and
      economic differences. The systems one way automated environment shows
      the ability to actually end accidents completely. According to
      federal studies we currently spend in the US about 200 billion on
      highways but incur 400 billion in accidents and congestion. Non of
      which would occur on this system.

      The above efficiencies are no small matters. Their combined total
      impact on the cost of transport suggest the ability to remove
      probably half of transports cost whose cost make up by far the
      largest part of those costs that do determine the very costs of goods
      and services.

      The benefits of implementing this system are nearly endless. Surely
      you can see the benefits in economics with the efficiencies in
      energy, structure, maintenance, and the unprecedented safety.

      Some other large benefits are doubled speeds and the automated
      environment. These two accomplishments promise the ability to greatly
      extend our personal area of interaction from the 30 mile diameter of
      today to a 450 mile area.

      I have been trying to give some thought to what it would mean to
      society to have such transport abilities. It is awesome to think of
      all the positive changes that would come about.

      I am some what amazed to find so few have taken any interest in such
      a development in transport. Even though this system shows the ability
      to resolve those concerns they have about todays transport their
      seems little interest in supporting such a venture. Few I think take
      me seriously and dismiss it as the ranting of some unrealistic
      dreamer. I admit it seems ridiculous to say these kind of
      efficiencies can be achieved but the fact remains that the sciences
      show this ability in efficiencies.

      The technologies being utilized in the design are not by any means
      complicated. Both the structure capability and the electrical
      propulsion components have been in existence for decades and are well
      proven and documented as to their reliability of performance.

      After considerable conversation in questions about the systems
      performance with one of the designers, I have come to accept that the
      costs and expected performances of proposed system are reasonable
      expectations with an implementation.

      My quest at the moment is to anticipate how an implementation may be
      realized. So far attempt to interest Federal and state authorities
      has not been promising. They do not appear to be capable of acting on
      such a change in transport process as a complete system overhaul.

      The questions at the moment Are how to secure the communities
      commitment and the funds necessary to carry out the proving
      implementation and the continuing implementations.

      It has been my thought that perhaps. If one where to present a
      community with the private provision of the system that they may be
      able to commit to permit an implementation. Once one can establish
      the reality of community commitment, that sufficient funding could be
      secured to incrementally complete the proving implementation and its

      An implementation promises the ability to resolve a great many large
      and pending community transport problems. Remember it is a truly
      Integrated transport system. Meaning that it accommodates all
      existing transport vehicles (personal, public, and commercial) and it
      is also a superbly efficient and convenient automated mass transit
      system in its own right.

      It would seem that if one where to guarantee even its minimal
      abilities, a community would be foolish not to commit to an
      implementation on those terms considering the realizations of all the
      community problems it would resolve.

      To give you an indication of this systems ability over highways,
      consider that its
      1. Automated Mass transit capabilities
      2. Unprecedented safety
      3. 2 Lane elevated structure with the flow rate capacity of an18
      lane highway
      4. reduce transport time to 1/3 (non stop speeds of 60mph city &
      150mph highway)

      Do you see as I do, all the large potentials here for greatly
      elevating our own levels of well-being. Ecological, environmental,
      social and economical. Removing from transport the large resource
      consumptions suggest the ability to then leave them then all that
      more available toward other more deserving pursuits.

      Hope to hear from you as I desperately need some outside observation
      about the reasonability of these out comes projected.

      George schrader@...
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