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"Come argue with me" session

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  • eric britton
    New post on World Streets
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      New post on World Streets


      The New Mobility Agenda gets a hearing in Barcelona with a “Come argue with me” session

      by Eric Britton, editor

      This is to invite you to "attend" at least part of a session of a conference that is to take place next week in Barcelona on the topic of "Smart Cities". You can find full information on the conference, along with links to all the working papers and videos that will be presented over the fo ur days  The particular bit I would like to point you to is my keynote talk and challenge which opens the plenary on "Urban mobility: Achieving social efficiency". A full set of working notes and background materials for my presentation is available here. As you will note I have serious reservations about pushing the concept of a "smart city", which to my mind is a pretty loaded phrase, complete with tandem mindset. I invite your comments and critical remarks on any of the points that appear here, and I shall try to deal with them as possible. The final talk will be available on video, as will the presentations for all the speakers in this interesting session. Read more of this post


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