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Musing: What do you get if you use an iPad to access World Streets?

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  • eric britton
    New post on World Streets Musing: What do
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      New post on World Streets


      Musing: What do you get if you use an iPad to access World Streets?

      by Eric Britton, editor


      An iPad is not a PC, for a number of reasons. Always on, always near, always open, it provides the user with an entirely different and far more personal 21st century interface with the Internet and its extensions.  So for this reason we  decided to give a bit of attention to seeing how it might be useful to retrofit World Streets so that it provides a friendlier and more creative source for those deciding to come in via iPad or similar tablet technology. We shall look into this more analytically in the coming weeks; however for this weekend day let us simply invite you to point your iPad to us and tell us what you think. [...]

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      Eric Britton, editor | 12 November 2011 at 17:13 | Categories: musing, tools, ws-organization | URL: http://wp.me/psKUY-21M


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