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"Leaders in Urban Transport Planning program

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    Leaders in Urban Transport Planning program From: Cornie Huizenga Topic: Leaders in Urban Transport Planning program Date: October 17, 2011 Message: The
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      "Leaders in Urban Transport Planning” program

      From: Cornie Huizenga
      Topic: "Leaders in Urban Transport Planning” program
      Date: October 17, 2011


      The World Bank is developing a capacity building program, called the “Leaders in Urban Transport Planning” program. The objective is to help build capacity for holistic and comprehensive planning at leadership levels. The first of this series is a 7 day learning event that is being held in Singapore from January 15th to 21st, 2012. I attach a copy of the program brochure and registration form for your ready reference.

      Organized jointly by the World Bank and the Land Transport Authority Academy of Singapore, this event aims to create awareness of what integrated mobility planning involves, what are its different components and how it needs to be undertaken. It will use a “hands on” learning technique, making extensive use of case studies, group exercises and site visits – all aimed at highlighting linkages between the different components of the urban transport system. It will be preceded by a 5 week self learning phase, from their work locations, during which participants will need to go through a self learning course, based on material provided to them.

      A mentoring program for 6 months will also be available for interested participants. During this phase an expert will be assigned to a participant or a group of participants for advice and guidance as they work on their projects. Mentoring would be for a period of about one hour every two weeks. The mentor would be able to help review work done and provide the required guidance in specific projects and assignments. This would be purely optional, though at an additional cost.

      The 7 day learning event along with the self study phase would cost Singapore $4000, and would include the cost of boarding and lodging in Singapore. The 6 month mentoring phase would cost Singapore $5500.

      This is to request your support in having this circulated widely and also having a few participants nominated from the countries you are working in, perhaps under the capacity building component of an ongoing project or other programs that the country or city may have. In making such nominations it would be useful to keep in mind that the candidate nominated should be occupying a senior position or should be expected to do so shortly. A good knowledge of English would be important to benefit fully from the program.

      The last date for submission of applications is 15th November 2011 and so I would request that the names may be sent by this date. We plan to take only about 35 – 40 participants so that the interactive nature of the program is not compromised. Therefore, an early registration will have advantages.

      For further information please contact OP Agerwal at the World Bank oagerwal@...


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