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The EC is not doing its job on carsharing and alternative forms of car ownership and use. So . . .

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  • eric britton
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    ClickSubject: Would you like me to relay your comments on this attached memo to EC conference (http://www.momo-cs.eu/ ) on Thursday?  (Sorry for the last minute nature of this but I am just back from three weeks in Taiwan and Mexico working on just these challenges - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fj9D_F5ql0c . Anyway, off we go.)


    Bottom line: The EC is not doing its job on carsharing and alternative forms of car ownership and use -- fascinated as they are by the long term (where we all are dead, as Keynes put it so sweetly) and technology.  But by now it is clear: we will never be able to get to sustainable mobility and sustainable cities without a good dose of carsharing. So what is holding them/us back?


    This public conference is being held right under their nose in Brussels and offers a good occasion to get the word out that it is high time for them to shift gears and get rolling on the carsharing agenda. I have the good luck to chair the final portion of the conference and make the recommendations and notes on findings that will have good visibility. So let me propose this. If you have any comments on the memorandum and its recommendations, I would be pleased to relay them to the conference and in the post conference documentation. If they are short, I can read them out.  Longer ones I will figure out how to put them into the hands of one and all.


    The key document for this is the attached proposed "Momorandum", which is aimed straight at the Commission and which I invite you to comment and further elucidate.  You also may have some choice words to share with national government agencies and cities, both of whom of course have a major role to play in giving higher profile to this new and better way of getting around in our cities.


    For my part I think that the commission is doing a rotten job in this and other areas where they really should have the information, insight and wisdom (and daring) to plow ahead and be useful. (Actually I don't think it, I know it!) They are spending a huge amount of hard-fought taxpayer money on stuff that is far far from the critical path, and in the process doing little to move us toward sustainable transport and sustainable cities. That a huge pity. Worse in fact it is a real case of, as we say in French:  non-assistance à personne en danger (which by the way is a crime under French law).


    I would love to think that we might be able to do a bit of aggressive pushing here. Team work will help.


    Thanks for sharing.




    PS. Please copy your eventual response to fekbritton@..., which is the address that gets to me when I am on the road.





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