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Subject: In support of the move to a more sustainable Kampala and a mobility system to match

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  • eric britton
    Subject: In support of the move to a more sustainable Kampala and a mobility system to match. Dear Amanda, As agreed, after our call today, I took a bit of
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      Subject: In support of the move to a more sustainable Kampala and a mobility system to match.


      Dear Amanda,


      As agreed, after our call today, I took a bit of time to set up three web sites in support of (a) the broader issue of how to bring (more) sustainable transport to Kampala, and (b) the specific event of the forthcoming first Car Free Day. All of that excellent and exciting stuff.  Here is what we have thus far:


      1.       Facebook Group page: A Facebook Group page to support all these activities  now at http://www.facebook.com/groups/266190133393713/ with its first 14 members. Now if our experience in these things is any guide, what we now would like to do is to see if we can get 30-50 people who share our concerns and goals into the group, so that we can start to share information, tools and more generally collaborate in the context of sustainable transport in Kampala and indeed in cities across Uganda and East Africa.

      2.       Streets of Kampala: I have also started to lay out what I think can, with your joining in and taking ownership, a very good, even an excellent blog to provide a major focal point for everything that you can now start to do to move toward a more sustainable mobility system for Kampala. You will find the working draft now at http://streetsofkampala.wordpress.com/. Let me by way of quick first introduction tell you what looks like some of the good and as yet less god things about this site:

      a.       It gives us a strong and proven frame for starting to get an extended base of support and exchange in favor of both the overall sustainable transport agenda, and of course for the forthcoming first World Car Free Day,

      b.      It is, I am told, reasonably attractive  and pretty efficient.

      c.       It is also pretty easy to work with once you get the swing of things, and I am there to help you until you are ready to take over for yourselves.

      d.      You may note that the main image changes each time someone comes into the site. We are trying to give a feel for the great variety of street conditions in Kampala. And you will see that much is missing. So please feel free to pike in and add to it. Sharp visuals are very important in advancing the sustainability agenda more generally

      e.      If you scroll own a bit on the right column, you will see that there is a gallery for the photos thus far collected under the heading Streets of Kampala.

      f.        And just below you will see the list in process of Key Sources And References. Already quite useful, but like all the rest needs more and better.

      g.       There are a number of easy to use tools, including for citizen reporting and information via mobile phones. But one thing at a time for now.

      3.       Editorial Team: We are now ready to develop our editorial team, and for this I will need you to sign in, including  with a photo and some brief background information. If you are ready to join, let me know and I can send on the easy to use routine. Will take about 6 minutes of your time.


      There you have it. I can give this a bit more time in the next two days, gut then I am off for Car Free Day celebrations first in Taiwan (2) and then in Guadalajara. This is going to keep me completely tied up until 16 Sept. But then I will be back at my des and ready to do what I can to contribute to your Car Free Day.


      I look forward with real interest to your comments and suggestions on all this. After all, The Streets of Kampala belong to you.


      All the best/Eric





         Eric Britton, Editor / Managing Director

         World Streets / New Mobility Partnerships  / Sustainability Seminar Series

         8, rue Jospeh Bara   75006 Paris France

         Tel. +331 7550 3788   |  editor@...   |  Skype: newmobility


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