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an example of a worst practice

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  • eric britton
    ... From: Cherry, Chris R (Christopher Cherry) [mailto:cherry@utk.edu] Sent: Sunday, 24 July, 2011 11:03 To: eric britton; Walter Hook Eric and Walter, Here s
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    From: Cherry, Chris R (Christopher Cherry) [mailto:cherry@...]
    Sent: Sunday, 24 July, 2011 11:03
    To: eric britton; Walter Hook

    Eric and Walter,

    Here's an example of a worst practice, an analogue to the rickshaw ban you
    mentioned. This one is coming from Guangzhou, ITDP's sustainable city award
    winner this year. This was in the China Daily a couple of days ago.
    China is notorious for arbitrary "crackdowns" that have significant
    implications for (often poor) users of these vehicles. These crackdowns are
    infrequent, occur without warning, and are negatively reinforced by
    non-enforcement 360 days a year. This leads poor individuals to invest huge
    portions of their income to purchase these vehicles, for transportation or
    goods delivery, only to have them confiscated and crushed without warning
    (actually this happened to me once in Kunming.

    Fortunately I'm not poor, but I felt terrible watching rural migrants lose
    about everything they have in one swoop). Unfortunately, these individuals
    cannot afford to live near BRT or their trips are not adequately served by
    that mode. It would be interesting to compare this policy to a policy of
    impounding and crushing cars (with richer drivers) that drive or park on
    sidewalks. I think that the impact, considering purchasing power, might be
    about the same. I'm particularly interested in the paper's explicit mention
    of "tricycles used by the disabled" and "electric bicycles", two of the most
    socially and environmentally sustainable modes on earth.

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    On 7/24/11 4:10 AM, "eric britton" <eric.britton@...> wrote:

    >World Streets
    > Make them yours
    >Dear Navdeep,
    >What a great idea! I would with your permission like to make it into a
    >weekend "musing" for World Streets. If you agree, it would be good to
    >know a couple of things.
    >1. Might you introduce yourself in a few lines. Perhaps with a pic?
    >2. Which of the clips you identify are your three favorites. Maybe
    >taking them from different decades (but that's only an idea and of
    >course your choice)?
    >3. May I edit bits of the text slightly for our American readers?
    >4. Finally, would you clarify for me: First sentence 2nd paragraph:
    >where you are saying: 12 out of 100 people in Punjab won bikes, but
    >only 2 in 100 actually are using them today?
    >5. Also: Can you clarify why " Facilitation and early licensing to one
    >car user going to put life of 12 cycle user and many pedestrian at risk".
    >I hope this is agreeable to you, and I know that your contribution will
    >interest many of our readers on World Streets, and I will also of
    >course post on India Streets.
    >A final point, which I think is quit delicate and I would hope to deal
    >with appropriately - and for which I ask for your counsel. I do not
    >want our readers to come away from this weekend trip over time and
    >space thinking anything like "Oh how cute those Indians are? How
    >quaint". Given the special qualities of Bollywood this is just a too
    >easy shot. Anyway, we all have our Bollywood.
    >The idea behind World Streets has from the beginning been to seek out
    >and share universal lessons, from specific times and places but which,
    >with thought, open up our eyes to many things, including ourselves and
    >our own limitations and quirks. So I do want to make sure that my
    >short introductory note will reflect this combination of curiously,
    >insight and generosity.
    >So even if you don't want us to post this on W/S, let me nonetheless
    >thank you so very much. I spent a very thought provoking half hour with
    >Very best/Eric
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