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Seminar program on (1) Sustainable Development, (2) Business & (3) Society

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  • eric britton
    _____________________________________________________________________ EcoPlan International Association loi de 1901 Paris. 14 juin 2011 Dear Colleagues, Just
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      EcoPlan International

                 Association loi de 1901

                  Paris. 14 juin 2011



      Dear Colleagues,


      Just completed our first graduate seminar/brainstorming session on (1) Sustainable Development, (2) Business & (3) Society. The seminar was organized for graduate MBA students of the Institut Supérieur de Gestion in Paris. You can read about the seminar, its organization and the toolkit behind it at http://sustain.ecoplan.org


      I have decided to organize not just that one but a cycle of these seminars, since it only recently came to the attention of my befuddled brain that most of the people working in any of the various bits and ends of the "sustainable transportation" nexus, do not in fact have a sufficiently developed understanding of this critical three-part nexus. (Most tend to be transportation experts, or environment or energy or technology or city or politics or modeling experts, and while their eventual high expertise in their chosen area of competence is of course critical, it is not less important that their work be structured with a good understanding of the broader context which is, after all, the essential "problematique". (And I remind myself of this good English-language definition of that French word: "the art of formulating a problem".)


      With the hope of what I call our Dashboard and the overall program structure that you will see on the site, I believe  we are moving toward a pretty good working framework for future seminars and working groups . And it is my hope to organize and run up to ten of these sessions, in ten different countries, and then perhaps in time put the whole thing between the pages of one more big fat book.  But in the meantime, while my initial target is graduate university programs, though I am also hopeful to organize these sessions in companies, NGOs and public sector agencies.


      As we have seen in all our outreach work, what is needed to ensure success of such a program is to have one innovative colleague inside the ranks of the eventual host institution who can help sell and eventually shape and contribute to the events. Might that be you?


      For more on the seminar program and cycle, you can contact me at this address, by Skype at newmobility, and by phone at +331 7550 3788.


      Thanks for your attention.


      Eric Britton



      Un projet de l'Association Ecoplan International (Loi de 1901)

      8/10, rue Jospeh Bara  •  Paris 75006 France

      +331 7550 3788  •  association@...    •  Skype newmobility

      Siret 304555295 00019



      P Avant d'imprimer, pensez à l'environnement


      Ministerial Decree - Ecoplan International - Aug. 27, 1975.

      Arrêté du ministre de l’intérieur. 19 août 1975.

      (Autorisation enregistrée à la préfecture de police le 27 août 1975.)

      Objet : Etudes et recherches en matière de prospective ;

      Mise au point de projets et de plans économiques et sociaux,

      de méthodes d’analyses et de prévision ; Organisation de toutes études sur ces sujets.

      Siège social : 4, rue de Chevreuse, 75006 Paris.


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