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RE: WorldTransport Forum World Car Free Days update

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  • eric britton
    Those are great points Morten. Let me address them on the fly. 1. Survey updating: Yes, I had missed two items which have now been updated. Thanks. 2.
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 15, 2011

      Those are great points Morten. Let me address them on the fly.


      1.       Survey updating: Yes, I had missed two items which have now been updated. Thanks.

      2.       European Mobility Week:  no doubt a much more powerful and more serious concept. I could not agree more. But Car Free Days still seem to have a certain appeal in many parts of the world, so it should be useful to try to keep up with them as well.

      3.       I like your idea of giving the car a rest day. Nice!

      4.       Sorry about the car mafia taking over and using the CFD to their own commercial ends. Eternal vigilance!


      Eric Britton



      The survey needs updating for 2011.  Supplied choices etc.
      Seems like some years have passed since it was last updated.

      In Reykjavik, there is more emphasis on the European Mobility Week, 16.-22 September, often with different themes for the different days.  The bicycle day, that has been held on a Saturday, has been the most lively of them.  Mayors from the neighbouring municipalities cycle in to Reykjavik and join in a common bicycle parade. There has been a reception in the city hall, often with some presentations, and spectacular cycling competitions of various types, along with a playful ability and balancing test-track, primarily for children on bicycles.

      So far the car-free day on 22. of September  has flopped or been very low key, not least because of very hostile mass media.  Consequently City officials have renamed it  as the resting day of the car.

      Worse is the fact that  the "car mafia" has successfully usurped the week by arranging an international conference, under the oxymoronic name "Driving Sustainability", where the theme has been greenwashed cars, ie.  powered by methane, hydrogen, batteries etc.  

      Regards / Kvedja
      Morten Lange, Reykjavík

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      Subject: WorldTransport Forum World Car Free Days update
      To: WorldTransport@yahoogroups.com, NewMobilityCafe@yahoogroups.com, CarFreeCafe@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tuesday, 14 June, 2011, 15:32


      Quick update:

       1.       Homepage: This is to let you know that the main site at www.worldcarfreedays.com  has been updated,

       2.       Facebook:  To invite you to sign into the new Facebook site which provides efficient support of the group and the various updates that are coming in -- http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_132914840099269

      3.       Car Free Café: Still up and working since November 22 1998 at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/CarFreeCafe/

       4.       World Streets on Car Free Days - http://worldstreets.wordpress.com/category/cars/car-free/

       5.       2011 Quick Survey: Tell the world about your plans for 2011 at http://guestbook.sparklit.com/entries.spark?gbID=110020

       All we ask is that every once in a while you think about it.


      P Avant d'imprimer, pensez à l'environnement





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