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Seminars on Sustainable Development, Business & Society

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  • eric britton
    ______________________________________________________________ A Sustainable World Make it yours Paris. Sunday, 05 June, 2011 Why I am launching this week a
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      A Sustainable World

                          Make it yours


                  Paris. Sunday, 05 June, 2011                                                       


      Why are we launching this week a series of seminars and programs on the topic of Sustainable Development, Business & Society:


      Let me put it this way: one of the principal reasons, I observe, that we are not making the needed large scale progress with sustainable transport, in cities and beyond, is because most of us who are involved and trying to advance the agenda and the actuality of the sector do not have a sufficiently deep understanding of the fundamentals of sustainable development. And with that the necessary complex interactions with business and society that we really need to master if we are to shape policy and practice in the sector. Hence this new program which is just getting underway – Sustainable Development, Business & Society. 


      I invite you to check it out at http://sustainabiltyseminar.wordpress.com/, and if it says anything to you at all to share your comments and suggestions with me.


      BTW, the first step in this process is the creation of an "invisible college" that will be an wide open, tuition-free e-classroom on our topic. With plenty of room for others to come in an refine and depend the curriculum as we move ahead. (That's  another invitation)


      The first actual university seminar in this series is being held here in Paris at Institut Supérieur de Gestion for last term students of their MBA program. More on that too at http://sustain.ecoplan.org.


      I do not know of course what I can achieve with it, but at least I am giving it a run.  Anybody out there want to pitch in?


      Eric Britton


         Eric Britton, Editor / Managing Director

         Sustainable Development, Business & Society | World Streets  | New Mobility Partnerships  

         8, rue Jospeh Bara   75006 Paris France

         Tel. +331 7550 3788   |  editor@...   |  Skype: newmobility


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