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Here is a great collaborative project that will I am sure interest you

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  • eric britton
    ______________________________________________________________ A Sustainable World Make it yours Paris. Tuesday, 24 May, 2011 Dear friends, Here is a great
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      A Sustainable World

                          Make it yours

                  Paris. Tuesday, 24 May, 2011                                                     


      Dear friends,


      Here is a great collaborative project that will I am sure interest you and possibly some of you might actually want to pitch in. Let's take it by the numbers.


      1.       The irrepressible Elizabeth Press who is Producer/Editor of Streetfilms in NYC, has the great idea of working with an easy to use sub-title software package to put sub-titles in other languages to the exceptionally useful StreetFilms series on "Moving beyond the automobile".  You can see all about it at http://www.universalsubtitles.org/en/videos/kGFgTfq4Cm4K/info/Moving%20Beyond%20the%20Automobile:%20Highway%20Removal/

      2.       She asked me yesterday if we could lend a hand with a first round of translations to check out the software and routines. Her words: " We are trying out some new software for streetfilms.org and before we open it up to a fully crowd sourced project we are asking a few friendly folks in they would be interested in helping us test the software. I did the English subtitles on this video.
      You can see under the video is a tab that says select Language and English is 100% but in that drop down menu you can choose other languages and will be guided through adding translation to the video. (Note: You can also in the top right hand corner switch the website navigation to other languages as well)
      Would any of you be willing to login to that universal subtitles website and add Subtitles to the video and let me know what the process is like for you?"

      3.       So I immediately got in touch with five of our work partners whose first language is, respectively, French, Italian, Persian Spanish and Portuguese – and invited them to take a shot.

      4.       First through the gate was Luis N Filipe of Portugal, who took the time last night to do the first non-English subtitles, in Portuguese. He wrote this morning: "-I found the translation system very easy to use." Check it out. Bravo Luis! Looks great!

      5.       There you have it, it's that simple. Now what about you?  Is  there a language and place that is close to your heart and where you think people might wish to see and savor these short videos with sub-titles in your language?


      6.       If you are tempted and would like to give it a try  please get in touch. It would be good if you would copy to Elizabeth, our big boss, at elizabeth@..., and to me so that I can follow progress and pitch in as may be useful.


      I personally think that this is a noble and important project. It shows what happens if we work together. (BTW, the other side has no chance. We are already winning this war. It's just that the message has not yet got through to the other side yet. No problem, we will just keep at it )


      Best/Eric Britton



         Eric Britton, Editor / Managing Director

         Sustainable Development, Business & Society | World Streets  | New Mobility Partnerships  

         8, rue Jospeh Bara   75006 Paris France

         Tel. +331 7550 3788   |  editor@...   |  Skype: newmobility


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