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  • eric britton
    ===================================================================== Dear Colleagues, We would like to invite you to an online discussion on Linking Gender,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2011
      Dear Colleagues,
      We would like to invite you to an online discussion on Linking Gender, Poverty, and Environment to Promote Sustainable Development, that will run from May 2 through June 14, 2011. We hope you will be among the first to comment to help launch an active and productive discussion, linking these dynamics to your work in gender and transport.

      The linkages between gender, poverty, and environment are often noted but the dynamics are not well documented. This discussion provides a unique opportunity to review and discuss the broader implications of findings from case studies conducted in Ghana and Ethiopia led by the Social Development Department, World Bank and funded by the Bank-Netherlands Partnership Program (BNPP).

      Why Participate? In our online discussions, you are invited to share your thoughts on the analytical framework, the broader applications of the study findings, your own experience, and data regarding these links. Your participation in this discussion will be acknowledged in the final report Linking Gender, Poverty, and Environment to Promote Sustainable Development.

      How to Participate in the Online Discussions: to participate and receive periodic updates, please visit the Gender in Evaluation web site and register at http://genderinevaluation.ning.com We look forward to useful exchange of experience and perspectives on these links, and to help ensure that positive gender-poverty-environment links are fostered in World Bank policies, operations, and analytical work.

      Discussion Topics will include:
      I. Understanding the Dynamics of the Gender-Poverty-Environment Links: will establish a common frame of reference for discussing gender-poverty environment links by examining a draft analytical framework as it applies to a good practice project case studies. May 2 - 11

      II. Promoting a Positive Spiral: will examine potential applications of the study findings and online discussion insights for two key issues emerging from consultations on the forthcoming World Bank Environment Strategy:
      1) Strengthening Environmental Governance. May 12-May 20
      2) Managing Multiple Environmental Risks. May 25-June 3

      III. Developing Tools for Positive Gender Equality-Poverty Reduction-Environment Sustainability Links: will critique and enhance draft tools to guide decision-makers in sustainable development sectors. June 6-June 15

      Looking forward to hearing from you in our online discussions. Sincerely, Nilufar Ahmad, Social Development, World Bank Alexander McKenzie, Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank Mari Clarke, Discussion Moderater, World Bank Consultant

      Nite Tanzarn
      IFRTD Director/Board Member

      Email: nite.tanzarn@...

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