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World Streets Weekly: Edition of 4 April 2011

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  • eric britton
    World Streets Weekly: Edition of 4 April 2011 Eric Britton,
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      World Streets Weekly: Edition of 4 April 2011

      Eric Britton, editor | 4 April 2011 at 09:53 | Categories: Weekly edition | URL: http://wp.me/psKUY-1ut

      * * * Click here for Weekly Edition of 4 April 2011 * * *

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      This week's titles:

      26 March:  Honk! OpenStreetMap: Visualizing spatial data

      26 March:  Interview with British Transport Secretary / Attitudes towards the car

      25 March:  Managing Two and Three-Wheelers in Asia

      24 March: Op-Ed. Time to put a stake in the ground (Lahore, Pakistan)

      22 March: BMW enters the one-way carsharing market

      21 March:  The Battle for the Streets of New York City


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      Facebook Focus Groups (You will need to be logged in to access)

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      16. World xTransit - Click here



      Hands-on collaboration: With you and your city?

      How can World Streets help support sustainable transport initiatives in your neighborhood, city, country, agency, or public interest or user group? Through special issues or supporting articles?  Collaboration in support of conferences, projects, workshops, master classes, city dialogues? Local or other media programs?  Cooperative programs or events with universities, NGOs, consultancies  and schools?


      This we will have to do together. So now all that remains to be done is to  get you actively involved as a reader, subscriber, contributor, supporter and working partner so that in 2011 we can together go from strength to strength.  Get in touch so that we can swap ideas concerning how to go about it.


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