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World Streets Weekly Edition: 14 February 2011

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  • eric britton
    World Streets Weekly Edition: 14 February 2011 Posted on 14
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      World Streets Weekly Edition: 14 February 2011

      Posted on 14 February 2011


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      Swedish government looks to virtual meetings as an environmental (and efficiency) strategy

      Posted on 14 February 2011

      The Swedish government’s annual instructions to the national Transport Administration now include a mission to support and improve conditions for virtual meetings across the country. The goal is to find practical ways to harness “Green IT” as an efficient travel … Continue reading →


      High Speed Zero: The alternative solution to HS2

      Posted on 11 February 2011

      It might make some sense, in reviewing the potential of HS2, to take a few samplings on how the year-old HS1 domestic services are performing �C or not.  S N Barnes reports to World Streets  from a crowded rail platform … Continue reading →


      Mobility please, not congestion on our roads (via India Streets)

      Posted on 10 February 2011

      How many times does the need for being pro-people, environmentally concerned, and context specific, in forming an urban transportation strategy need iteration? Simple �C till the job gets done. We need to keep reminding city-building professionals, decision makers, … Continue reading →


      Support for High Speed Rail in Britain

      Posted on 9 February 2011

      Strange as it may seem when you do the basic arithmetic, there is strong support from the three main political parties in the UK for the HSR proposal, and if our first article in this series argues that the reasoning … Continue reading →


      UK High Speed Rail: Going very fast in the wrong direction

      Posted on 8 February 2011

      In the field of transport, no matter how straight-forward the issues may seem to be to the busy citizen, merchant, reporter or policy maker, when it comes to making wise policy it really does take a certain level of time … Continue reading →


      World Streets Weekly Edition: 7 February 2011

      Posted on 7 February 2011   Continue reading →

      http://worldstreets.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/ws-newsstand-caption1.jpg?w=160&h=144Also, see and interact with World Streets from different angles on . . .

      Whoever promised that the move to sustainable transport and sustainable cities was going to be easy?

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