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Transport, SLoCaT and Rio+20 Process

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    Transport, SLoCaT and Rio+20 Process From: Cornie Huizenga Topic: Transport, SLoCaT and Rio+20 Process Date: January 14, 2011 One of the recurrent themes in
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      Transport, SLoCaT and Rio+20 Process

      From: Cornie Huizenga
      Topic: Transport, SLoCaT and Rio+20 Process
      Date: January 14, 2011

      One of the recurrent themes in the Bellagio meeting on sustainable transport was whether to focus exclusively on low carbon transport or whether it would be better to have a wider focus on sustainable transport in general. The final outcome reflected a compromise which also shows in the name of SLoCaT, which combines "sustainable" and "low carbon".

      Over the last 16 months since the establishment of SLoCaT the emphasis has been probably more on the low carbon part of SLoCaT than on the overall sustainable part. This was also influenced by the international climate change agreements and the associated COP meetings.

      Last year SLoCaT participated in the Commission on Sustainable Development meetings. (See http://www.slocat.net/commission-to-discuss-need-for-improved-and-sustainable-low-carbon-transport-in-developing-countries/ and http://www.slocat.net/slocat-submissions-to-csd-18/). This year SLoCaT will participate in CSD 19 which is expected to come up with a set of policy recommendations for the transport sector.

      The CSD meetings are part of the follow-up to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) which was held in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro and which was followed by the 2002 meeting in Johannesburg.

      Preparations have started for the Rio+20 conference on Environment and Development which will take place in May 2012 in Rio de Janeiro. (see http://www.uncsd2012.org/).

      The first attached document (SG Report on objective and themes) gives a description of the two main themes of Rio+20: (a) Green Economy, and (b) Institutional mechanisms.

      Transport in many of the developing countries is among the largest economic sectors and it is clear that without involving transport it will be difficult to fully realize a green economy. Similarly, it is important to strengthen institutional mechanisms for the transport sector as part of efforts to strengthen overall institutional mechanisms for sustainable development.

      I am aware that there is a general scepticism when it come to large scale global process on sustainable development among some of the SLoCaT members. I believe however that in the same manner that it is important for SLoCaT to engage with the climate change negotiations to advance the concept of low carbon transport that it is important to engage with the Rio+ 20 process to advance sustainable transport.

      We will therefor update you on a regular basis on progress in the preparations of the Rio+ 20 process and on ways and means in which SLoCaT can engage in it. Discussions have started with UN-DESA which is hosting the SLoCaT Partnership and which acts as the Secretariat of the Rio+20 process on SLoCaT's possible role and contribution.

      I would welcome feedback from SLoCaT members who have an interest to become actively involved in this broader discussion on sustainable transport.

      As a first update see the ENB report on the First Intersessional meeting for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development which took place in New York on 10-11 January and the results of a survey which was undertaken to assess the status of Sustainable Development (please note the limited coverage of transport).

      with best regards,
      10-11 january 2011


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