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World Streets Weekly digest for 10 January 2011

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  • eric britton
    World Streets weekly digest for 10 Jan. 2011
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2011

      "Car-sharing will ease Shanghai's traffic problems"

      Eric Britton, editor | 10 January 2011 at 06:55 | Categories: behavior, carshare, China, sharing, traffic reduction | URL: http://wp.me/psKUY-1fR

      We very much like this article that has just appeared in motoring.asiaone.com, in that it provides an example of how good new mobility ideas that have enjoyed a certain success in one place -- in this instance the long time carsharing project of the City of Bremen -- can start to make their way into other cities and parts of the world. Will this actually work out for Shanghai? Well at least it's a start. We shall see and keep you informed. In the meantime you may wish to have a look at an earlier W/S background piece on "Will Carsharing Work in China?". A few more references will be found at the end of this article.

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      Guaranteed Scottish technique for taming traffic

      Eric Britton, editor | 7 January 2011 at 18:06 | Categories: traffic reduction, behavior | URL: http://wp.me/psKUY-1fM


      As the whole world knows, the Scots are an ingenious lot.  And  in a highly creative response to my yesterday's "Unfair, unsafe and unwise . . . " call for collaborative ideas for car control, one anonymous Scottish expert has just sent in the following technical  illustration showing how they are able to slow down traffic and otherwise create a better smelling and more natural environment in Scotland.  He recommends it as an efficient, affordable, warm and often delicious sustainability strategy. It has worked for a long time in Scotland and will, they guarantee,  work well on your roads and streets too in the future. Auld Lang Syne.

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      Unfair, unsafe and unwise - a major crisis abuilding for sustainable transport in Britain

      Dear British Friends and Colleagues,

      Forgive me if I am being naïve, but based on what I am reading and hearing it strikes me that there is a major crisis abuilding for sustainable transport in Britain in the months immediately ahead -- as a result of the coalition government withdrawing funding from a lot of mainly small and local (since they really have to be small and usually local and focused if they are to succeed) sustainable transport initiatives This strikes me as a caring if distant observer as unfair, unsafe and unwise.

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      World Transport Policy & Practice – Vol. 16, No. 3

      Eric Britton, editor | 3 January 2011 at 16:31 | Categories: Dispatch, World Transport | URL: http://wp.me/psKUY-1fb

      The Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice is the long-standing  idea and print partner of World Streets and the New Mobility Agenda since 1995. The Winter 2011 edition appears today, and in the article that follows you will find the lead editorial by founding editor John Whitelegg. (For a more complete introduction to World Transport click here.)

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