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TISA - Transport International Sustainability Assessment

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  • eric britton
    Idea: Start with a simple carsharing index to show the way for the rest I hope you may have had a chance to read my note to the group of Monday on TISA - If
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 16, 2010

      Idea: Start with a simple carsharing index to show the way for the rest


      I hope you may have  had a chance to read my note to the group of Monday on  TISA – If not you can find it on  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WorldCarShare/message/3347  Here is the idea that I'd like to see if you might lend a hand with.


      Basically we would like to make the first index in this program a very simple one, that is predicated on the base of the simple possibility that the more carsharing you have in a country, the closer you are likely to be to moving toward a more sustainable transport system for day to day transportation.  (there will be plenty of opportunity to argue that once we have some background to work with.)


      I don't see this as being a big deal or a whole lot of work, especially since the people of good will who belong to this excellent free group can pitch in with the help of a simple email.  Here are the indexes that we would like to ask for your country at your first convenience:


      1.     Number of carshare vehicles in operation in country

      2.     Number of registered cars

      3.     Number of registered carshare users (can be played off against national population or, if it exists, registered drivers/licenses)

      4.     And if at all possible, recent time series data as available on the above so that we can get a feel for the trends.


      It's that simple at this point. If you can help on this and you are interested in expanding the role of carsharing  in your city or country, I am sure you will be well served by the final results. Please send on your data to me as you prefer: to the group as a whole, or to me privately via eric.britton@.... (The nice thing about sending it to the group is that this may encourage the others to chip in and do their part.)


      Then once I have let's say a couple of dozen sets of pretty solid figures, I can take a first cut at this first index, and write up in draft my introduction and


      Thanks/ /Eric Britton


      PS. I do not want to stifle the imagination of this expert community, so if you have other proposals, cautions, or index materials that we can introduce into our new index, well that would be great. In any event, the objective of all our collaborative work is that the final results will exceed the ideas, inspirations and hopes of the person who set the idea in process.


      After carsharing: We intend to have a go at seeing if we can get some solid no-bull indicators on car use, gas prices and trends, traffic accidents, taxis, biking, PBS, ridesharing (may be hard), BRT . . . and the long list goes on. One thing at a time.


      PISA references:

      OECD PISA home page - TISA http://www.oecd.org/pages/0,3417,en_32252351_32235731_1_1_1_1_1,00.html

      Wikipedia entry: - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Programme_for_International_Student_Assessment

      Your country's performance and reactions – Pop OECD PISA 2009" into Google and then search your country







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