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Workshops at EXPO

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  • Glotz-Richter, Michael (SUBVE)
    Dear Eric please find below / attached some information to the workshops at the EXPO (which have not got the real format I wanted to have...). I would be glad
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 20, 2010
    Dear Eric
    please find below / attached some information to the workshops at the EXPO (which have not got the real format I wanted to have...).
    I would be glad if you see any option to announce this workshop (with the inauguration ceremony of Car-Sharing in Shanghai),
    Please find below some announcement text (as draft - should be subject to your very appreciated editorial revision as usual) and as well the program in Chinese and English.
    Please fell free to contact me at any time for any kind of question.
    Best regards

    Michael Glotz-Richter
    Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
    Senate Department for Environment, Construction, Transport and European Affairs
    Senior Advisor "Sustainable Mobility"
    28195 Bremen

    Phone:     +49.421 361 6703
      +49 421 496 6703
    Mobile:     +49 173 6 123 178



    The World Exhibition 2010 inShanghai has the theme “ Better City �CBetter Life”. An “Urban Best Practice Area” shows some 45 showcases from various fields of urban sustainability �C among them three transport related showcases: London , Odense and Bremen . The North German city of Bremen was selected to present its Car-Sharing experience �C in order to inspire other cities.

    Car-Sharing is a core element of sustainable transport strategies in many advanced cities. Reclaiming street space is a benefit, which makes Car-Sharing unique. But Car-Sharing works only well if it is embedded in strategies which favour the sustainable modes (walking, cycling, collective transport).


    Three afternoon workshops at the Bremen stand on the World Exposition 2010 in Shanghai focus on these strategies of low-carbon, clean and better urban transport. Three afternoons from 7 �C 9 September present showcases from the European CIVITAS initiative for clean urban transport and of the North Sea Region �C and comparative approaches from Asia .


    On 7 September, the focus will be on low carbon transport �C especially the potential of Car-Sharing. Bremen as hosting city and well-known showcase of Car-Sharing will present its municipal Car-Sharing Action Plan - As a special highlight, the first Car-Sharing service for Shanghai will be inaugurated with a nice ceremony on 7 September: Shanghai ShareInCar ( 畅行汽车共享 ).


    On 8 September, the workshop will focus on the question ‘how to get the political backing for sustainable transport’ �C where political leaders of advanced European cities of the CIVITAS initiative will present their experiences and practical recommendations. The international association of public transport UITP will present the role of public transport and how to exploit the potential for the future. The China Academy of Transportation Sciences will present showcases from China .


    The 9 September will present the experience of the European CIVITAS initiative for clean and better urban transport �C highlighting three European showcases with technical and practical examples:

    -         the City of Gent in Belgium with a well integrated transport system

    -         the City of Odense in Denmark �C known as cyclist’s paradise

    -         the City of Bremen �C as hosting city and known for its sustainable transport initiatives.



    The participation is free of charge. The workshops will have direct interpretation English-Chinese


    All workshops will take place at the Bremen EXPO stand in the ‘Urban Best Practice Area’ (located on the Puxi side of the EXPO areal).

    All three workshops will end with some informal reception.


    A registration is recommended (as space is limited) �C see detailed information in the attached program.

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