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Kaohsiung 2010: First International Share/Transport Forum

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  • eric britton
    On the whole, you find wealth more in use than in ownership. - Aristotle. ca. 350 BC First International Share/Transport Forum - Kaohsiung City, Taiwan - 16
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      "On the whole, you find wealth more in use than in ownership."
      - Aristotle. ca. 350 BC

      First International Share/Transport Forum –
      Kaohsiung City, Taiwan -
      16 – 19 September 2010

      In some of the world’s most successful and livable cities, we are already entering into a world of new mobility practices that are changing the transportation landscape. It has to do with sharing, as opposed to outright ownership.

      The City of Kaohsiung, together with an international team from the Chinese Institute of Transport (CIT) and the New Mobility Partnerships, is organizing three-day international forum to take place from 16 - 19 September 2010, in which professionals working at the leading edge of sustainable transport innovations are coming together, to examine together the concept and practice of sharing transport in the 21st century, to discuss future applications for Share/Transport in Taiwan, China, Asia and beyond.

      Who should attend -

      • Researchers, city administration, operators, large public sector employers, activists, NGOs, students, consultants, media, and suppliers or products, technology and services to the sector

      ·         From Taiwan, China, South-East Asia and all others interested

      ·         Language: Chinese/English. Full translation of all sessions 

      *   Click here for conference brochure and invitation - www.k2010-sum.sharetransport.org

      *   See www.kaohsiung.sharetransport.org  or www.kaohsiung-sharetransport.com.tw (Chinese) for full information


      World Share/Transport Forum

      International Collaboration and exchange – Opportunities and invitations


      Kaohsiung 2010

      This is a continuing international program; the Kaohsiung conference is intended to be the opening shot in a series of collaborative initiatives in support of transport sharing that are set to take place in the months and several years ahead.  Here are some of the collaborative currents which may interest you and concerning which we should be most pleased to hear from you.


      ·         Working papers and reports covering the topics under discussion are welcome and will be selectively shared with the conference

      ·         Shared/resources: We are developing a shared library of resources and program information on the full range of topics under discussion (see website for clarification). You are invited to inspect and add to there.

      ·         Journal of record: World Streets is the journal of record for the World Share/Transport Forum and the Kaohsiung 2010 Conference. You can check it out http://worldstreets.wordpress.com/category/sharing/. If you have ideas for articles, contact the editor at editor@...  

      ·         Languages – The conference is in English and Chinese with simultaneous translation of all sessions. Some may find use in the Google Translate buttons that have been incorporated into each page of the site, offering useful (for some) one click rough translations into 18 languages.

      ·         Young Researchers/Future Leaders project: This could be an important project component as you will see on the introductory section on the site. But there is very little time. We need to find the resources for these "backpack" fellowships. We have plenty of excellent candidates and it would be great to find the means to bring them to Kaohsiung. Any ideas for us about financing and other forms of support?

      ·         Round Tables: We are already discussing the possibility of several Regional, National or City Round Tables, building on the base which has thus far been created. Would you be interested in discussing?

      ·         2011 World Conference.   We already are discussing the 2011 conference and are looking for collaborators and hosts? Any ideas for us?


      Please share this posting with your colleagues, lists and others who share our interests.


      If you have questions or suggestions, kindly contact eric.britton@... or Skype newmobility.


      8, rue Jospeh Bara  | Paris 75006 France | +331 7550 3788


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