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World Share/Transport Forum: Kaohsiung, 16-19 September 2010

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  • eric britton
    cid:image001.png@01CB2908.F75A7990 Heavy traffic on the way to sustainable cities and sustainable lives . . . Paris, Thursday, July 22, 2010 Subject:
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                             Heavy traffic on the way to sustainable cities and sustainable lives . . .


    Paris, Thursday, July 22, 2010


    Subject: Sustainable transport's missing link: Share/Transport


    Dear Friends,


    I would very much like to invite your comments and ideas on the work plan for what I believe is going to be the world's first international conference solely devoted to the theme of sharing in transport.  And if transport sharing seems like a minor detail to you, an inconsequential detour, well let me point you first to the attached short media release and from there to our 95% ready to go website at www.kaohsiung.sharetransport.org  and invite you to read on.  We might well think of it as sustainable transport's missing link.


    Here are several points in our preparations on which  I would like to ask your counsel (for now in private to eric.britton@...  and then I can get a resume to the group later if it seems useful for them).


    ·         Website: Your critical observations and suggestions to improve the still not quite finished website at Www.kaohsiung.sharetransport.org.   (What you do not already see on line are our detailed two-page work programs and background information for each session. We call these our 90 minute Master Classes, and they are working up to be first class, thanks to our great speakers and panelists. More to follow next week.)

    ·         Young Researchers: Your good thoughts on the rough draft page on the proposed last-minute-dot-com Young Researchers add-on project. We have already gotten some enthusiastic expressions of interest from young researchers and activists, and think this is something really worth doing. But we are going to need a budget for it? Any clues for us?

    ·         Participate: Want to be part of the conference? Do you have a working paper or web reference that could be useful to the group? If so, please let's hear from you.


    ·         Come to Kaohsiung: And should you be interested in joining us in Kaohsiung, I am afraid that our ground zero budget does not have any fat in it for air travel or local accommodations, but I am sure that my colleagues will agree to arrange free access to all the conference events in the case you are able to pitch in and join us.


    ·         Continuing resource:  Finally, one last wrinkle on what we are trying to achieve here. Yes of course, to organize and conduct a first rate conference on this important and largely neglected topic. But also to provide a continuing useful resource to anyone anywhere in the world who wishes to know more about share/transport strategies and techniques. And it will be the completed version of the website and networking tools that will help do this job.


    I hope you find this of useful and await with real interest your comments and suggestions. And who knows, we may even see you in Kaohsiung.  Let's talk about it.


    With all good wishes,







    * World Streets is available daily at worldstreets.org and www.facebook.worldstreets.org .

    * Africa Streets is getting underway at www.africastreets.wordpress.org

    * Les Rues du Monde in start-up mode at www.lesruesdumonde.org 

    * And the New Mobility Partnerships and its collaborative programs at www.program.newmobility.org  




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