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Future leaders/Young researchers: - World Share/Transport Forum ???

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  • eric britton
    Future leaders/Young researchers: There is, unfortunately, a significant generational difference concerning new thinking about transport policy and practice,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2010

    Future leaders/Young researchers: There is, unfortunately, a significant "generational difference" concerning new thinking about transport policy and practice, and in most places decisions are still taken by those somewhat older professionals and politicians whose training and thinking were largely shaped in the suddenly far distant 20th century. Our goal with Kaohsiung 2010 should also be to take as a significant target to bring in as many younger people as possible, including both those already working in the sector and young people who are advancing their own training and research. I hope we will agree to make this among our high targets.


    Dear Colleagues,


    May I ask for your ideas, feedback and counsel on the following?


    1.     We are planning, as some of you know, to organize the first annual conference of the World Share/Transport Forum in Kaohsiung Taiwan in mid September, -- about which I attach two bits of background and for more can point you to the in-process website at www.WorldStreets.org .

    2.     We have no budget – yet – for the following, but I have had an idea for this concerning which I should like to ask your counsel and possibly your support in some way.

    3.     Specifically, I would like to see if we can organize and finance a Junior Researcher/Activist parallel event, that would be open to anyone under say 35 who is active in the field of advancing the new mobility/sustainable transport agenda, and who would not be against spending say two weeks or so in Taiwan as an observer and participant in this first World Share Transport conference.

    ·         I see this as a low budget "backpack" kind of affair (cheap flights, Spartan accommodations, and a basic rice and fish diet), and would like to think about some form of "twinning" with locals in about the same age/interest slot.

    ·         I am sure that a number of you will have candidates for these slots, and in fact it would be good to have not only your thoughts but also, if you feel that there is something in this, one or more nominations.

    ·         The "application" process would consist of a page or some of background information on the candidate, a recommendation from someone known to us, plus a one page note from them outlining why they might be interested in such an adventure. And what they might do with what they learn about sharing (and the push for sustainable transport and sustainable cities in Taiwan while they are at it).

    ·         Skill base: Broad. In addition to the usual transport, environment  and sustainable transport interests and skills, we would like to bring in some young people with background s in the behavioral sciences, government and media.

    ·         It would be great if we could figure out how to give them some kind of university or professional certificate for "completion of the course requirements" (which would include a less than ten page lessons learned, observations, thinkpiece for publication with the other Young Researcher short reports).

    ·         Tell them to be careful about visa requirements.


    That's as far as I have taken it, other than to get a nod of approval from the organizers to ask you about this. So let's see.


    May I ask you kindly to reply to me in private via eric.britton@... so as not to burn up the airwaves with details that will not concern the whole group. I shall then report back to you all on progress, next steps, etc. if indeed progress there is.


    Thanks for thinking with us about this.


    Eric Britton





    * World Streets is available daily at worldstreets.org and www.facebook.worldstreets.org .

    * Africa Streets is getting underway at www.africastreets.wordpress.org

    * Les Rues du Monde in start-up mode at www.lesruesdumonde.org 

    * And the New Mobility Partnerships and its collaborative programs at www.program.newmobility.org  



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