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PhD studentships in Transport & Society (UK)

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  • Eric Britton
    From: Erel Avineri [mailto:Erel.Avineri@uwe.ac.uk] Sent: Friday, 28 May, 2010 15:12 Dear Eric, Please find information on PhD Studentships in the Centre for
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      From: Erel Avineri [mailto:Erel.Avineri@...]
      Sent: Friday, 28 May, 2010 15:12
      Dear Eric,

      Please find information on PhD Studentships in the Centre for Transport & Society (CTS), University of the West of England, Bristol. Could you please bring this to the attention of friends and colleagues at WorldTransport, KyotoWorldCities and other relevant groups?



      Two 3-year PhD Studentships are available in the Centre for Transport & Society starting in October 2010.
      Closing date for applications: Friday 25 June 2010.


      The University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE) is now inviting applications from highly capable and enthusiastic individuals who wish to study for a PhD in the area of 'transport and society'. UWE's Centre for Transport & Society (CTS) has a strong focus across its research on understanding and influencing travel behaviour. We expect this new PhD research to further support the Centre's aim to improve and promote understanding of the inherent links between lifestyles and personal travel in the context of continuing social and technological change.

      The available studentships are not attached to pre-defined topics though the following are illustrative of areas of interest to the Centre:

      - Ageing, older people and transport behaviour
      - Barriers and enablers to greater uptake of cycling
      - Car ownership decisions and car-free or 'low-car' living
      - Changing notions of ownership and use in the transport sector
      - Decision making and the role of information
      - Information age implications for social practices and travel
      - Interactions between transport and spatial planning
      - Reasons for the recent levelling off in car travel
      - Road user attitudes and behaviour in relation to safety
      - The lifestyles and travel characteristics of emerging generations of adults
      - Travel time use and value
      - Understanding and influencing attitudes

      As a strong candidate you will be attracted to this opportunity to shape your own topic as part of the application you submit.

      For further information and to apply please visit <http://www.transport.uwe.ac.uk

      > >www.transport.uwe.ac.uk. Dr Erel Avineri
      Reader in Travel Behaviour
      Centre for Transport & Society
      Faculty of Environment and Technology
      University of the West of England
      Frenchay Campus
      Coldharbour Lane
      Bristol BS16 1QY, UK
      Telephone: 0117 32 83197
      Fax: 0117 32 83899
      Email: Erel.Avineri@...
      Web: http://www.transport.uwe.ac.uk/


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