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Eric, Can Europe de-carbonise transport?

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  • Eric Britton
    Oh dear. This thing (below) that just slithered in under the door this morning addressed to my first name with almost a friendly slap on the back, is
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      Comment Visions March 2010

      Oh dear.


      This thing (below) that just slithered in under the door this morning addressed to my first name with almost a friendly slap on the back, is interesting for at least one reason, and in fact I intend to publish an editorial today in World Streets that looks directly at this topic. Notice, they are uniformly and without another thought proposing a clean car, clean fuel (clean mind) future for "decarburizing transport" in Europe. Oops.


      Here are two bits of today's piece that I offer up as an appetizer:


      Proposition 1.            Fred Salvucci's neat little meta-equation, which he comment in his yesterday's lecture in World Streets:



      Proposition 2.            And this on the importance of knowing about single-action bias from CRED - Center for Research on Environmental Decisions, Columbia University

      In response to uncertain and risky situations, humans have a tendency to focus and simplify their decision making. Individuals responding to a threat are likely to rely on one action, even when it provides only incremental protection or risk reduction and may not be the most effective option. People often take no further action, presumably because the first one succeeded in reducing their feeling of worry or vulnerability. This phenomenon is called the single-action bias.


      If this is the sort of things that our friend at the Commission are touting as " de-carbonise transport", well then sustainability is at risk. How can we bring them around to understanding what the sustainability challenge is really all about the right hand half of Fred's equation? For now this is not the main line they appear to be pushing. But it should be. Eh?




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