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[World Streets] Listening to children

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  • Eric Britton
    Listening to children Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice Volume 15, Number 1. March 2010 ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2010

      Listening to children


      Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice
      Volume 15, Number 1. March 2010



      This issue contains two articles that on first reading may appear totally unrelated. This is not the case. The Kinnersly article – "Transport and climate change on a planet near you " - is a comprehensive reflection on the links between economic growth, poor quality democracy, lack of will to deal with sustainability and biodiversity and the perversity of reckless decision taking that supports a business as usual (BAU) model of the world.  Tranter and O‟Brien in "Positive psychology, walking and well-being: Can walking school buses survive a policy of school closure?", show convincingly and persuasively that a child-centred policy based on listening to children, thinking about the wider issues around children and the journey to school can bring about a very different outcome to the ones currently on offer. Kinnersly‟s well-founded worries about BAU are neatly dealt with by the childc-entred model (CCM) advanced by Tranter and O‟Brien. Equally there will be other non-BAU models that raise alternative visions and perspectives and this journal want to hear from older people, those with mobility difficulties and those who live in the accessibility poor “facility deserts” that we have created in many British cities.


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