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Subject: Today's the day. Stand up and be counted.

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  • Eric Britton
    After twelve years of long and faithful service to the concept of carsharing as a great and even noble way of getting around in our day-to-day lives, today is
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2010


      After twelve years of long and faithful service to the concept of carsharing as a great and even noble way of getting around in our day-to-day lives, today is the day in which I am obliged to change the rules of the game for World Carshare.  As most of you know, after more than a decade running this as a wide open shared enterprise, I do this with no little regret.  But as the Chinese philosopher Lao Tze reminded us so long ago: after ten years of notoriety even the greatest poet in China should change his village and change his name.  So in this Year of the Tiger and with his good counsel in mind, I will keep my name but today is the day we make a few changes in our village.


      The new rules of the game: Rather than being free and open to all, from this day on our World Carshare will be run along, let us say, more "commercial" lines.  No not commercial really, but nonetheless as I have indicated in an earlier note on the subject, for reasons of necessity we now have to get better at sharing the load.  You understand of course that world carsharing simply cannot be a one-man job. 


      Now while my earlier calls for support have gone pretty much ignored by the great majority of the close to five hundred people currently signed in to this forum, happily several handfuls of you have stepped forward to help share the burden: something like two dozen individuals, a total of one carshare supplier, and as of yesterday a generous grant from one of our national partners who shares our belief that carsharing is something that is really worth supporting.  These are good steps forward to help us make this work, but until all this work is fully and fairly supported, we now have to move to our new and somewhat more austere rules set.  It works like this:


      As of this morning, all standing subscriptions of our close to five hundred members are being canceled.  In exact parallel with this I am sending out letters of invitation to those people and groups who have recently been in touch either with individual (subscriptions) or collective support -- or as volunteers indicated that they will continue to be ready to share with us their information and insights on the sector.  In addition to this, we will continue to maintain free ownership and full access to anyone coming in from the developing countries, and of course students and others of limited means and high interest. 


      Several of our number have indicated their willingness to work with us to identify and eventually secure more substantial support from public agencies in their country who share our interests.  This would be extremely important to guarantee our future viability, and I hope that others of you will now get in touch so that we can discuss how we might work together to tailor and put this approach to work in your country.  If we can get a handful of committed public sector partners behind this, we will be able to return to our former wide open working context, which to my mind is far the best way to get the job done.


      The months ahead are going to be extremely active ones in our slice of the sustainable transportation puzzle.  This work is going to be led by the communications within and collaboration from members of the consortium.  I very much hope that you will be among us to take part in this process of building knowledge and consensus on a literally worldwide basis, and  in an area in which both are much needed.


      So there you have it World Carshare friends.  2010 is the Year of the Tiger and if we are going to make sustainable development work in our cities and daily lives, it will not be because we are docile  little pussies.  I hope to hear from you and that you will join us as part of the solution.  I promise you, the world needs us.


      Best from Paris, a city incidentally where when World Carshare just getting underway there were zero carshare operators and zero understanding of the part of the city as to what their role in this might be.  And where today there are a handful of highly competitive firms offering more cars, more rides, to more people every day, and all that under the benevolent eye of city authorities who have got the message and have shown themselves ready to do their bit to bring these great services to more and more people everyday.  And you can take my word for it, this was no accident.


      Eric Britton




      Some final words of background and a few reminders just in case it may have escaped your attention:


      1.     The World CarShare Consortium (1997 text): "This free, cooperative, independent, international communications program supports carsharing projects and programs, world wide. Since 1997 it offers a convenient place on the web to gather and share information and independent views on projects and approaches, past, present and planned future, freely and easily available to all comers."


      2.     Why we support carsharing (1998 text): "Why does The Commons support a concept that may to some appear to be so off-beat and marginal as carsharing? Simple! We think it's a great, sustainable, practical mobility idea whose time has come and whose potential impact is quite simply huge. Carsharing: the missing link in your city's sustainable transport system."


      3.     Comments and accolades from readers of World Carsharewww.acknowledgments.worldcarshare.com 


      4.     Ditto from one hundred one readers of World Streetshttp://tinyurl.com/ws-101


      5.     Entries over last year on World Streets concerning carsharinghttp://tinyurl.com/ws-carshare


      6.     Who came into World Carshare today:



      I rest my case:


      Eric Britton





      Note: New Paris tel. +331 7550 3788 . Kindly change your records.


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