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Does sustainable transport need maverick thinking too?

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  • Eric Britton
    Apologies if this doubles up. Small technical problem here. Regards. WORLD STREETS: Insights and contributions from leading thinkers & practitioners around the
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 5, 2010

      Apologies if this doubles up. Small technical problem here. Regards.


      WORLD STREETS: Insights and contributions from leading thinkers & practitioners around the world


      Paris, Thursday, 04 February, 2010

      Dear World Friends and Colleagues,


      If you have been enjoying the steady flow of articles, tools, op-ed pieces, and lively discussions which have been appearing daily on the pages of World Streets over the last eleven months, I would like to ask you to take ten minutes of your valuable time this morning to have a close look at today's lead article, which sets out our strategy for continuing publication.  This is a critical moment for us and we need our allies and their counsel and support. (Click here to go to article.)


      Our goal from the beginning of this great adventure in the closing months of 2008 has been to make sure that an independent, informed, principled, always readable and at times maverick voice for sustainability is widely and freely available to all. Indeed more than a hundred of you have recently written in to state publicly that we are succeeding in this quite admirably.  That is very satisfying.


      But now we face a real moment of truth, and I am hoping that you will take the time to have a good look at today's featured piece and share with us your reactions, best thoughts and leads.  Our main challenge at this point is to find ways to link and collaborate more creatively with the leading national and international organizations working in the field, the innovating cities, operators, entrepreneurs, universities, suppliers and other people, groups and institutions who share our common objectives. All this is set out in today's lead article.


      The struggle for sustainable transportation, sustainable cities, and sustainable lives is an uphill battle, and we are going to win it and change things only to the extent to which we decide to do it together.  For now, those of us who care deeply about these matters are still very much in a minority position trying to bring change what is still in many ways an all-but dysfunctional  "old mobility" culture ("problem solving" through more cars, more roads, higher speeds and all that goes with it).  But we are rapidly moving up our learning curve and we need at this point to start to unite our voices and energies to establish a common agenda, and in this way to become a real force in policy and investment decisions.  It is my sincere belief that World Streets has a role to play in this process.

      So please have a look and if you have any ideas let us hear from you. E. editor@...   •  T. +331 7550 3788  •  Skype newmobility.  We answer the phone.


      With all good wishes,


      Eric Britton


      PS.  If you have questions here is a quick click-list of some of the keystones that you may wish to check out. But above all Exhibit A is World Streets itself.

      1.     Four page/four minute summary - http://tinyurl.com/ws-sum

      2.     Plan A for Sustainable Transport  - http://tinyurl.com/ws-planA

      3.     Note entitled "The Next Ten Years" -- http://tinyurl.com/ws-next10years

      4.     Summary presentation of World Streets January articles - http://tinyurl.com/ws-jan2010

      5.     Reader comments on usefulness of World Streets - http://tinyurl.com/ws-101



      World Streets  •  www.worldstreets.org   

      New Mobility Agenda  • www.newmobility.org 

      8/10, rue Jospeh Bara  •  Paris 75006 France

      Tel. +331 7550 3788  •  Skype newmobility

      eric.britton@...  or fekbritton@...

      - New thinking & world-wide collaborative problem-solving . . .

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