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Re: WorldTransport Forum Update SLoCaT Partnership February 2010 [3 Attachments]

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  • Lake Sagaris
    Hello Cornie and everyone Thanks for this. We will discuss it in a meeting we are having today to see what we can contribute. All best Lake Lake Sagaris Ciudad
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      Hello Cornie and everyone

      Thanks for this. We will discuss it in a meeting we are having today to see what we can contribute.

      All best

      Lake Sagaris
      Ciudad Viva

      On 03/02/2010 8:30 AM, Cornie Huizenga wrote:  

      We are pleased to send you an update on the activities of the SLoCaT Partnership.  Please do read till the end to the section on SloCaT newsletter!

      A. Establishment of SLoCaT Contact Group on Transport Data

      On 12 January a kick-off meeting was held of the SLoCaT Contact Group on Transport Data. The Transport Data Contact group was set up to coordinate activities among various SLoCaT members who are involved in activities to improve the quality of transport data in developing countries. The contact group will play an important role in the development of recommendations on transport data to the 18th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development  which will meet in May in New York.  It is expected that UN-DESA, IEA and ITF will play a lead role in the intergovernmental part of the Contact group.

      B.  SLoCaT Events

      SLoCaT Participated in COP 15:

      SLoCaT was a co-organizer of a workshop in Washington DC on 15 January which discussed the next steps for the transport community after Copenhagen. Other organizers were ADB, IDB and EMBARQ.  The meeting resulted in the adoption of 6 Key Messages which set out the recommendations of the participants on both mitigation and adaptation of climate change in the transport sector. See http://www.embarq. org/en/day- 2-next-steps- after-copenhagen.

      C. SLoCaT Partnership Council

      The SLoCaT Partnership Council met for the first time on 14 January 2010.  The meeting agreed amongst others to go slow in accepting new members in the Partnership and to focus on increasing the engagement of existing members first. The meeting agreed on a number of changes in the governance structure which better define the role of the Partnership meeting, the Conveners Office and the Regional Focal Points. See the attached minutes of meeting for a full report on the meeting.

      D. Planning Meeting Work Program 2010-2011

      Use was made of the TRB meeting in Washington DC to convene a first planning meeting for the SLoCaT Work Program 2010-2011. 32 Persons representing 25 organizations took part in the brainstorming meeting.  A number of innovative suggestions were made with respect to the future role of the Partnership, including developing a global in initiative to get rid of fuel subsidies by 2020. See attached summary of meeting for a full report on the meeting.

      E. SLoCaT Newsletter

      Work is ongoing on the development of a SLoCaT Newsletter which is intended to disseminate information on the SLoCaT Partnership to a wider audience. We very much would like to have your support in the development of the newsletter.  The first issue which will come out by end of next week will have the following sections:

      • Update on SLoCaT activities (guided by Work Program): we would like to highlight amongst others the work of the Bridging the Gap initiative on outreach to the negotiators. BtG can we have one page with picture.  We would also like, in addition to the data work, have a write up on finance work. TRL can we have half a page.
      • From the SLoCaT members. Interested members can send us a maximum half page write-up. Feel free to include pictures or links to events - reports as long as it is relevant.
      • News on sustainable, low carbon transport. This will be divided in general, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Please send your submissions, we prefer short items. Longer items will be summarized with reference to external link. This can also include research reports
      • Events. Feel free to advertise your event - Give us a short description of the Name, location, dates, and objectives of the event.

      We need to have your materials by Monday 8 February!

      best regards,

      Cornie Huizenga
      Joint Convener
      Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport
      Mobile: +86 13901949332
      cornie.huizenga@ slocatpartnershi p.org

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