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FW: On 1 February a new era dawns on World Carshare:

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  • Eric Britton
    14 August 1998 - Why we support carsharing? (Announcing project start-up) Why do we support a concept that may to some appear to be so off-beat and marginal
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      14 August 1998 - Why we support carsharing? (Announcing project start-up)  
      "Why do we support a concept that may to some appear to be so off-beat and marginal as carsharing? Simple! We think it's a great, sustainable, practical mobility idea whose time has come and whose potential impact is quite simply huge. Carsharing: the missing link in your city's sustainable transport system."


      Paris, Tuesday, 26 January, 2010

      Dear World Carsharers,


      On 1 February a new era dawns on World Carshare:

      We have been running World Carshare (www.worldcarshare.com) and the program behind it (the New Mobility Agenda at www.newmobility.org) for more than a decade, and of this date we have welcomed and freely served more than 500 people and groups all over the world, many of whom with high expertise in the field, who drop in here either regularly or occasionally. (See map.) However on 1 February this is going to have to change, and from that date access will be limited only to paid-in members. Here is how we intend this to work.  (For those of you who have gotten to know me over the years you can well imagine that I am extremely sorry to be obliged to do this, but I have no choice.)


      The World Carshare Triple Play:

      Here's our 2010 offering and problem in a nutshell. All 459 of you who are presently signed in have full and free access to all our work on this topic - we call this The Triple Play:  (1) the World Carshare Consortium website and its discussion forum, and behind it both (2) the New Mobility Partnerships programs and sites (www.newmobility.org), and (3) World Streets, the planet's only independent sustainable transport daily – www.WorldStreets.org .


      Cost sharing on World Carshare:

      Now keeping all of this going requires as you can well imagine quite a bit of work every day and does not come free of cost. The bill for the full triple play runs on the order of $150,000/year (the price of a half page color car advertisement in this morning's Wall Street Journal, just to put this into perspective.), and for the carshare component ca. $20,000. Over these years I have somehow miraculously found a way to foot this bill myself, but now there is going to be a major pattern shift. Here is how it is going to work:


      To be able to continue our work we will need to invite a certain  number of you to come in and help us keep this going. To do this, we are going to close down entry to the site and limit it only to our contributing members, until such time that the basic costs are assured (that seems fair enough does it not?).  In the meantime, we have worked out a rough schedule of membership support with suggested levels of contribution and support.


      1.     Individual subscribers: Professionals, researchers with salaries, very small carshare groups
      Suggested contribution on the order of $50/year (or what
      you can conveniently afford).

      2.     Group: Larger carshare and transport groups, industry and consultants:
      Suggested contribution on the order of $500/year
      , or what they can afford or wish to contribute.

      3.     Sponsors - Ministries, larger cities, public agencies, NGOs, foundations, integrated transport groups, major industrial and service suppliers and others committed to sustainable  transport and sustainable cities who understand the importance of carsharing in this broader context and who appreciate what we are doing to support carsharing worldwide.
      Suggested contribution: ca.$ 5,000.00/year
      . Or etc.  


      Your contributions  will enable you to continue to have continuing access to all three programs. The only exceptions will be our colleagues from the developing world, countries or cities that have not as yet started a carshare operation, students, regular contributors, and people without jobs, all of whom of course get free access to the triple play. But to ensure you are kept on the list and thus have access . . .


      Please sign in to keep your membership active:

      In all cases we would ask that you send us a short email with your full contact information and letting us know in which category you belong.



      We shall need to hear from you before the end of this month. On 1 February we shut down the site to everyone who has not enrolled or contacted us.  Then over the month of February, we shall start limiting access as well to the New Mobility Agenda and to World Streets -- if we have to. But I am hoping that before then we will have started to get on a more healthy financial footing. 



      To pay in your subscription, all you need to do is make payment as per the above via PayPal or credit card to the New Mobility Partnerships/World Streets account, address: association@....


      Alternatively you can make wire transfers to our bank as follows:


      Account Holder: Association EcoPlan International
      Account no. 00010465401
      Crédit Industriel et Commercial de Paris
      Succursale BR (Montparnasse)
      202 Blvd. Raspail / 75014 Paris, France
      IBAN : FR763006610621000146540105


      I truly wish there were another way of doing this. I have been very happy over the years sharing my work and insights with you freely, but if I am to be able to continue to do this, it will have to be with a little help from my friends. Let's see where you stand on this.


      Eric Britton


      Who, where checked into World Carshare Consortium today?



      Read World Streets Today at http://www.worldstreets.org/

      New Mobility Partnerships  http://www.newmobility.org

      8/10 rue Joseph Bara,     75006 Paris,  France, Europe

      +331 7550 3788  eric.britton(at)newmobility.org   Skype: newmobility




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